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School Strikes And Labor Disputes

Jefferson Public Radio: Attendance Drops In Medford Schools

Attendance in schools across the Medford School District dropped for the third consecutive day on Thursday. Some parents chose to keep children at home while some North High School students joined the picket lines with their teachers.

Less than half of the district’s more than 12,000 students went to school yesterday, according to district reports.

Attendance at North Medford plummeted from 81 percent Tuesday to 36 percent Thursday. Dozens of North students stood outside during what should have been their fourth and last period of classes, saying they didn’t see the point of attending school without their teachers.

Meanwhile, the Medford Mail Tribune reports that talks between the striking union and the district have broken down. Both sides say they met with a state mediator on Tuesday, but no details of that meeting have been released.

Superintendent Phil Long says they are working to find more substitute teachers and plan to keep the schools open throughout the strike.

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