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Portland School Leaders Outline Plans In Case Of Strike

Portland school leaders announced initial plans Friday for how they would run schools, if teachers strike on Feb. 20.

Teachers voted to strike at a meeting in downtown Portland on Wednesday.

Teachers voted to strike at a meeting in downtown Portland on Wednesday.

District officials say they’re focused on reaching a deal with the Portland Association of Teachers.

But Portland Public Schools is planning for what would be its first-ever teachers’ strike.

The district would close schools from Thursday, Feb. 20, through the following Monday.

Letters have gone out to thousands of out-of-district substitute teachers to line up staff in case there’s a strike. Policy advisor Jon Isaacs says the district is prioritizing school for the youngest students.

“We want to make sure we’re feeding the kids that we need to feed, and we’re providing a safe, secure place for our students to have educational activities, while we work to settle the contract and end the strike,” he says.

Isaacs says some high schools might combine students during a strike, if there aren’t enough replacement teachers.

The teachers’ union is telling parents not to have their kids cross picket lines, if there’s a strike.

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