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Teachers Propose Adding 175 Positions In Latest Contract Offer

The Portland Association of Teachers presented a new proposal Thursday in mediation talks with Oregon’s largest school district.

The union proposal would add 175 teachers and specialists - the majority in high school or the area of special education.

Portland Association of Teachers president Gwen Sullivan

Portland Association of Teachers president Gwen Sullivan

Rob Manning/OPB

The union says money Oregon legislators approved last year would cover half of the $14 million proposal.

Much of the rest would come from re-directing central office spending or from reserves. The proposal also relies on savings from keeping the school year at its current length – rather than adding two days as the district has proposed.

“We wanted to make sure whatever we presented in this package was something that is possible within the financial capacity of the school district,” said Gwen Sullivan, the president of the Portland Association of Teachers.

Sullivan said the P.A.T. is balancing the proposal with concessions on teacher hiring.

A spokesman for Portland Public Schools said administrators are reviewing the proposal and are committed to reaching a negotiated settlement.  

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