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Talks Between Medford School District, Teachers Have Broken Off

Talks between the Medford School District and its striking teachers have broken off. There’s no scheduled time for the two groups to meet again. Medford teachers began the strike earlier this month.

The teachers’ union and the school district have been in contract negotiations for nearly a year. Some of the sticking points are working conditions, pensions and pay.

Liam Moriarty is a reporter with Jefferson Public Radio. He told OPB’s Think Out Loud that schools re-opened earlier this week, but only for half days.

They’ve got substitute teachers, a couple hundred plus, that the district has brought in from around the state,” Moriarty says. “There’s certainly been complaints from some of the high school students, especially those in AP classes who are saying that they’ve got very specific tracks that they’re trying to get accomplished… to get into college and such.

Moriarty says there are some teachers are going to work despite the strike. Student attendance fell below fifty percent during the strike. The normal rate for February is about 88 percent.

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