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Sounds Of Summer

Sounds Of Summer: Packing Up Is Half The Fun

Summer’s a time when people head outdoors, to hit the trail or get out on the water. And all those activities involve some preparation. As we continue our series “Sounds of Summer,” we focus on what it takes to prepare for a journey. OPB’s Eve Epstein explains. 

Packing up for a kayak trip.

Packing up for a kayak trip.

Eve Epstein/OPB

To me the sound of summer is the sound of getting ready. When I was a kid, getting ready seemed like an endless process. It involved making lists. Packing. It involved a lot of waiting around. But now that I’m grown up, I really enjoy the getting ready part, for Kayaking, say. There’s a rhythm to it. You hoist the kayak, tie it in, untie it, pull it off, put on the life jacket, check out the oars. That’s all part of the fun. It means that you’re going on an adventure.

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