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Sounds Of Summer: The Fountain Of Youth

The warm summer weather is here. And that means kids are looking for a place to cool off. One of the favorite places kids go in Portland is the Salmon Street Springs Fountain. OPB’s Sergio Cisneros found kids playing in the water there and talked to some of grown-ups there … that’s our entry today for our occasional series, Sounds of Summer.

Jennifer Treadway: There’s definitely a lot of kids out today. It’s really really hot out and it’s a very good way to enjoy the summer.

Jessica Stockton: My favorite sound of the Salmon Springs is all the sounds of the children running around in the fountain. It’s just such a beautiful thing seeing their smiling faces running around and what a beautiful day in Oregon it is.

Nancy Marin and the sounds of summer I like is the sound of my daughter playing in the waterfront. Everyone’s getting along. It’s beautiful.

Sounds refreshing … and there’s more! Tell us about your favorite sounds and sights of summer. Send us your ideas, your photos, your videos, your audio.

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