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Sounds Of Summer

Sounds Of Summer: The Sound Of Work

Sounds of Summer: Road construction on Portland's Division Street

Sounds of Summer: Road construction on Portland’s Division Street

Rob Manning/OPB

All summer long, we’ve brought you distinctive sounds of summer in the Northwest. We’ve heard water lapping against the hull of a sailboat, and children laughing and playing in Portland’s Salmon Street fountain.

But summer isn’t all play and no work. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it’s hard to miss the sound of work as construction ramps up with the dry weather.

Like the sound of trucks carving a road out of a Southwest Portland hillside, or a backhoe punching through asphalt so utility workers can lay new sewer pipes.

Portlanders who live near schools can expect to hear banging and other sounds of school construction over the next five summers. OPB caught up with Randy Miller recently. Miller’s managing the noisy portfolio of summer construction projects for Portland Public Schools.

“It’s the sound of investment, is really what it is. It’s an investment in our future, in the buildings, investing in our fixed assets and maintaining them.”

“There are 67 schools — 63 in the summer improvement work, and four modernizations.”

Construction on the Wilson High School roof.

Construction on the Wilson High School roof.

Rob Manning/OPB

“It’s guys — workers — doing work, physical work, and making piles, the crane takes it down, they start over. And that’s part of the challenge of construction - you can only fit so many people in a space. And that’ll never change.”


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Sounds of Summer

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