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Oregonians React To Obama's State Of The Union Speech

President Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night. OPB spoke with Oregonians with an interest in a variety of issues — like education, the environment, and immigration — to find out what they were were hoping to hear from the president.   

“The subject that I was hoping to hear was that the President was going to work with Congress to set some limits on the NSA’s collection of data. And, he really didn’t do that.” —  Robert Rubenstein, Independent

“[President Obama] was saying we need to get these students educated in order to get them out in the workforce, so we’ve got to give an education that provides them the tools that they need to participate. That’s important to me as a former educator and also as someone who sees the administration repeatedly dismantle the education system in this country.” — Rachel Burgess, Independent

“The topic I was really hoping the President would talk most about, and go into more detail about, was  immigration reform. He did touch on it a little bit, and a lot of what he said came with nods to compromise with the House after both Democrats and Republicans didn’t do as well with the Latino communities as they probably could have.  I myself am half Mexican from Southern California so [immigration reform] is an issue that is dear to my heart.” — Xander Almeida, Republican


“I was hoping he would take a very powerful stand on climate change. I was disappointed that he talked about having a bridge between coal and oil through natural gas. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. I was hoping he would take a powerful stand pushing for energy renewables,  energy conservation and energy efficiency. So, I was let down.” — Bonnie McKinlay, Democrat

Sources for this story came to OPB via the public insight network. Learn more here.

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