March 11, 2011
Q&A: Waiting For The Wave In Seaside

Kristian Foden-Vencil was in Seaside as the waves came ashore this morning and talked with OPB’s Beth Hyams that afternoon.

Brookings Harbor Takes Brunt Of Tsunami Damage In Oregon

The Oregon coast mostly escaped serious harm Friday, when the huge earthquake in Japan sent a tsunami across the Pacific. But the water did hit hard on the southern Oregon coast.

Authorities Give Good Marks For Tsunami Response

Friday’s tsunami alert provided a real-life test of the preparedness and planning for just such an event along the West Coast.

Northwest Expert Says Japan’s Earthquake A Good Lesson

Seismologists say it’s only a matter of time before the Northwest sees an earthquake on the magnitude of the one in Japan.

Tsunami Waves Not Visible To The Eye On Washington Coast

Tidal gauges detected a tsunami wave along the Washington and Oregon coasts Friday. But the one to one-and-a-half foot swell went unnoticed by most coastal residents.

Kitzhaber Salutes Oregon’s Emergency Responders

Governor John Kitzhaber saluted emergency responders for their work evacuating coastal residents overnight during the tsunami warning.

‘Like Being On The Open Ocean Tossed By Gale Force Winds’

A former Portlander living in Japan is warning Oregonians to prepare ahead of time for an earthquake.

Tsunami A Non-Event In Most Oregon Coastal Communities

Life is back to normal along the Oregon coast. Officials warned people in low-lying areas to seek higher ground after a tsunami warning was prompted by the massive earthquake in Japan.

March 13, 2011
Southern Oregon Boat Owners Assess Tsunami Damage

Boat owners on the coast are assessing Friday’s damage. Waves reported at seven to eight feet swept over ports along Oregon’s South Coast, swamping watercraft and destroying some docks.

March 14, 2011
Q&A: Comparing Oregon’s Coastline To Northeast Japan

Geoff Norcross talks with Harry Yeh, who watched earthquake coverage on Japanese television from his Oregon home. He’s a Professor of Coastal and Ocean Engineering at Oregon State University.

Oregon ‘Not Prepared’ For Magnitude 9.0 Quake

Oregon is not prepared for the kind of quake that just struck Japan — according to some lawmakers and scientists.

Tsunami-Hit Curry County Looks For Aid

A southern Oregon county battered by the tsunami is turning to the state and federal government for assistance. High waves caused heavy damage to the harbor in Brookings.

March 15, 2011
Are Oregonians Ready For ‘The Big One’?

As horrific as Japan’s quake and tsunami disaster turned out to be, experts say it could have been worse, had the country not prepared so extensively.

Kitzhaber Declares State Of Emergency For Curry County

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber declared a state of emergency for Curry County, which was struck by a tsunami after an earthquake off the coast of Japan. Strong waves tore up docks and destroyed boats in the Brookings harbor.

Tsunami Could Have Lingering Effect On Oregon’s Fishing Industry

Most of Oregon’s fishing trawlers were able to escape damage from last week’s tsunami. But now the state’s Agriculture Department says the natural disaster might still wreak havoc on the industry in the form of reduced fish exports.

Q&A: Could Radiation From Japan Reach The West Coast?

The disaster at a Japan nuclear power plant has many people on the West Coast looking nervously toward the Pacific, wondering if any releases of radioactivity could come here. 

March 16, 2011
Officials: Radiation From Japan Poses ‘No Health Risk’ To Oregon

Health and emergency officials attempted to reassure Oregonians that the nuclear problems in Japan don’t pose a health risk here.

March 17, 2011
Earthquake Unlikely To Trigger Nuclear Disaster In Northwest

Earthquake experts say the fault off the Oregon Coast is the “twin” of one in Japan. The Northwest also has nuclear reactors. But Northwest experts say the damage from earthquakes and tsunamis would not trigger nuclear disaster here.

March 18, 2011
Q&A: An Oregon Geologist’s Account Of The Quake

It was a week ago that the huge earthquake struck Japan. By coincidence, 40 or 50 seismologists were gathered on the outskirts of Tokyo. Among them was marine geologist Chris Goldfinger of Oregon State University.

March 22, 2011
Health Officials Expect To Find Radiation From Japan In Portland

Oregon health officials say they expect to find radiation from Japan, when scientists finish analyzing data just collected in Portland. Washington already traced radiation back to Japan this week.

Oregon Congressional Delegation Seeks Disaster Declaration

Oregon’s Congressmen and Senators are asking President Obama to make a disaster declaration for part of Southern Oregon battered by this month’s tsunami.

March 23, 2011
Trace Amounts Of Radiation From Japan Reach Oregon

Analysis of ambient air monitored in Portland has found iodine-131. That’s an isotope scientists believe came directly from the failed nuclear facilities in Japan.

March 24, 2011
Brookings Cleans Up In Wake Of Tsunami

Residents of Brookings are being asked to bring their yard debris tools to the harbor this weekend — to clean-up after the tsunami. The last boat to sink was taken out of the water Wednesday. But there’s still of a lot of debris around the harbor.