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What Is The Oregon Values And Beliefs Project?

Oregonians seriously doubt government leaders can work to solve big problems. That’s one of the main conclusions of a new survey done for OPB, Oregon State University, Oregon Health and Science University, and the Oregon Community Foundation. It’s the third broad survey into Oregon values that DHM Research has conducted since 1992.

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Project is a wide-reaching collection of surveys designed to take the pulse of Oregonians on issues that matter to them.

The project consists of three surveys completed in April and May 2013 by DHM Research. Nearly 4,000 Oregonians answered questions by landlines and cellphones, and another 5,000 did so online or through mailed materials.

The state’s five geographic regions — Eastern, Central, Southern, Willamette and Portland Metro — were represented in the survey with proportional weighting based upon U.S. Census 2010 data. DHM established regional quotas for age, gender and income. Participants in the survey were both voters and non-voters.

Quality control measures for the survey included pre-testing, questionnaire triangulation, validations and monitoring calls completed for telephone surveys. The margin of error for the survey was roughly plus or minus 2 percent at a 95 percent confidence level.

The survey was sponsored by OPB, Oregon State University, Oregon Health & Sciences University and The Oregon Community Foundation.

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