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CDC Report Shows Reduction In Oregon Hospital Infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its first ever state-by-state breakdown of health care-related infections. Oregon’s efforts appear to be ahead of the pack.

Editor’s Note

OPB erroneously reported last week that a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found Oregon hospitals have reduced their central line infections by a certain percentage over the last year and a half. A report by the CDC found that Oregon is one of 21 states that demonstrated a significant decrease in hospital-associated infections. But no percentage was attached to the CDC report.

When you go to hospital, it’s not unusual for a doctor to insert a central line. Basically it’s a tube that goes into your chest to make it easier to administer medications and take blood samples. But the insertion point is essentially an open wound, and it’s not uncommon for patients to contract serious blood infections through that site while in hospital.

The CDC released state-by-state figures on Healthcare-Associated Infections or HAI. Find complete details on the CDC website:

The CDC’s new report shows Oregon hospitals have had a significant decrease in such infections over the last year and a half.

Bethany Higgins is the head of the state’s Patient Safety Commission. She says, “Oregon has a lot to be proud of here. There’s a lot of great information in this report and I think what you find is that when you look at us comparatively we are making great progress towards eliminating these preventable serious infections.”

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