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Cover Oregon Enrollment More Than 145,000 So Far

The state has released the latest enrollment numbers for Oregon’s health insurance exchange. So far more than 145,000 people have enrolled through Cover Oregon — about 45,000 of those signed up for private insurance.

Interim director Bruce Goldberg says numbers are increasing as the enrollment period approaches its March 31 deadline, “We saw applications and enrollments dip down towards the end of February and over the last two weeks we’ve clearly seen both the numbers of applications as well as the number of enrollments pick up,” he said.

The state also released the age distribution of the people who’ve signed up.

Fewer young people have enrolled in Oregon than in the nation as a whole — only 19 percent of Oregon enrollees were 18 to 34 years old. Nationally, it’s 26 percent.

That age group is essential to the system because insurance models are built on younger, healthier people supporting the costs for older, sicker individuals.

Cover Oregon says it plans to reach out to younger people over the next few weeks to encourage more to enroll.  

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