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Oregon's Flu Season Remains 'Highly' Active

Flu remains highly active in Oregon, according to new numbers released by the state health authority Friday.

The number of hospitalizations statewide rose from 87 reported last week, to 115.


Dr. Ann Thomas of Oregon Public Health says the division doesn’t keep week to week numbers on adult deaths, but she says on average, about three percent of those hospitalized die — often because of underlying issues like heart disease or a chronic lung condition.

She says the H1N1 virus that caused the flu pandemic of 2009 is still the biggest concern, “It’s been a surprise to several people that we still have this strain circulation,” she said. 

“But luckily we have a good and safe vaccine and it appears to be in good supply around the state,” Thomas explained.

And an FDA notice about the availability of one type of antiviral, Tamiflu, has been lifted.