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Group Seeks Oregonians For Cancer Study

The American Cancer Society is looking for thousands of Oregonians to take part in a long-term study on lifestyle and its effects on developing cancer.

The Cancer Society wants to study the habits of about 300,000 people across the country over 20 years. 

Paul Hansen, the chief of surgical oncology at the Providence Cancer Center, says they need such a big and geographically diverse study because they’re past the more obvious questions like — does smoking cause cancer. 

He explained, “When you’re looking for more subtle things like, does the amount of walking you do during an average week, does that affect the likelihood that you’re going to develop a cancer. In order to figure that out, you really have to follow a fairly large number of people over a very long period of time.” 

>p> The study is the fourth in a series of large and long cancer studies. The first was done in the 1950s by doctors who smoked and hoped to disprove a link with cancer. The next study proved a connection between second-hand smoke and lung cancer. And the third, which is still ongoing, showed a connection between obesity and some cancers

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