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Health Insurance Exchange Approves 22 Companies

Oregon’s new health insurance exchange has approved 22 companies to offer medical and dental plans when it opens next year.

Rocky King is the chief executive officer of the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange.  He says 22 is more than they expected to have at this stage.

“The good news is I think this brings a competitive environment - carriers are going to be interested in keeping the premiums down, so they can stay competitive. You know the bad news is this makes it a little bit more difficult sometimes to choose. So, to the degree that we’re able to have good sorting capacity and good grading systems in place, I think it’s going to be great for consumers.”

The Oregon Insurance Division has told the insurance companies that they must submit the rates they plan to charge by the end of this month.

A series of public hearings  on those rates has been scheduled for the end of May.

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