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Health Transformation Center Hopes To Share Good Ideas

One way Oregon hopes to overhaul its health care system is by sharing good ideas. The center where all those ideas will be shared opened this week.

Over the last six months, hospitals and doctors’ offices across the state have set up 15 new Coordinated Care Organizations.

There’s a CCO along the Columbia River Gorge; a couple in the Portland area; one in Coos Bay, and so on.

The CCOs are trying to organize so doctors and hospitals get paid for keeping patients healthy, rather than for every test or treatment they provide.

Cathy Kaufmann is the director of the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center.  She says CCOs will try a lot of new ways of doing things.

“We’re there to connect them and we’re there to help bring them the resources that they need, like outside experts to help them move down the road towards transformation.”

If it’s successful, Kaufmann and others hope that the new way of delivering health care will be adopted by private health insurance companies. 

If Oregon doesn’t contain health care costs, it faces stiff federal fines.

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