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Obamacare Insured Aren't As Sick As Expected

Most Oregonians who signed up for individual health insurance through the Affordable Care Act did not have insurance previously, according to a new study.  They also weren’t as sick as experts expected.

One of the biggest worries about the Affordable Care Act was: Who would sign up for coverage?

Would they be older and sicker than the general population? If so, their care would cost a lot more and insurers would want to increase rates.

But Bill Wright with Providence Health System conducted a study and says enrollees are healthier than expected.

“If you’re one of the plans that’s offering services and signing people up for this, maybe that’s good news in terms of your ability to absorb that population and be able to provide services,”  Wright says.

Wright’s survey also found that 53 percent of people who enrolled did not have insurance before — often for years.  And the biggest reason people changed insurance was that their previous plans were too expensive.

About 200,000 Oregonians still don’t have health insurance.

The federal enrollment window opens again Nov. 15.