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Oregon Unveils Premiums For New Health Exchange

The federal health care overhaul requires everyone to get insurance next year. People who don’t already have it will use Oregon’s new exchange - Cover Oregon.

About 14 insurers submitted rates for individual plans on the exchange. Now, the Oregon Insurance Division has reviewed those plans and lowered premiums — from just a few percentage points to 30 percent.

But prices still vary greatly. A 21-year-old, non smoker, can pay between $130 dollars a month and $212 - for the same benefits. But insurance commissioner Lou Savage says there are reasons, “Who the providers are. You know, what hospitals the insurers are associated with. How close are they to where I’m living. Those are the sorts of things that Cover Oregon is going to be able to help with.”

Savage says price differences are expected to level off as insurance companies gather more information on Oregon’s uninsured.

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