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Oregon Wants Students Vaccinated By Feb. 19

Wednesday is exclusion day at schools around Oregon - the day when kids are kept out of class if they can’t show a medical or religious reason for not being immunized.

Girl receives a shot (file photo).

Girl receives a shot (file photo).


The state passed a new law to try to get more parents to immunize, but it doesn’t take effect until March 1.

The new law dictates that parents who don’t want to immunize their kids must either discuss the benefits and risks of vaccinations with a health care practitioner, or watch an hour-long, on-line interactive video that does the same thing.

Portland pediatrician Jay Rosenbloom saidthe new law was needed because it’s been too easy for parents to get an exemption.

“All they had to do was turn the form over and there was a box on the back and if they just signed that they could then exempt their child from standard vaccines,” he said. “It was the easiest of any state.  It’s a matter of convenience.”

Parents who’ve already filed exclusion paperwork are grandfathered-in.

Portland pediatrician Paul Thomas is worried the on-line video will downplay the risks of inoculation.

The state says the video will contain data put together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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