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Watch Out For Scams Around Affordable Care Act Enrollment

The state is warning people who’re going to be signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, to be on the look out for fraud.

Thousands of Oregonians and small businesses are getting ready to sign up for insurance under the new health insurance exchange - Cover Oregon.

Enrollment starts October 1. 

Amy Fauver is Cover Oregon’s deputy director: “Like any new program that’s out there, there’s a lot that people don’t understand about what’s coming through Cover Oregon and that just creates opportunities for people with bad intentions.”

Cover Oregon officials have several suggestions. For example: Don’t pay for help — there is no charge for signing up.

Make sure you’re working with a certified Cover Oregon agent; and remember, Cover Oregon will not call people out of the blue to ask for a Social Security number, credit card, or personal health information.

Officials in California and Pennsylvania have been checking out websites with names that could be confused with their state-run health programs.

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