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The Dalles Fire Destroys Third Home

Smoke in The Dalles.

Smoke in The Dalles.

Zachariah Middleton

Fire authorities say a large wildfire burning outside The Dalles has destroyed a third home.  The news comes as the Wasco County Sheriff’s office announced it was downgrading some evacuation notices for residents southeast of the fire.

Still, more than 70 homes remain at risk.  The Government Flat Complex, as it’s being called, is now more than 6,400 acres, with gusty winds coming in from the Gorge fueling its rapid growth.

Most of the homes at risk are on the fire’s northeast side. Fire information officer David Morman says so far crews there have managed to keep the fire at bay.

Smoke floats above the fire near The Dalles as seen from a Mt. Hood Street parking lot.

Smoke floats above the fire near The Dalles as seen from a Mt. Hood Street parking lot.

Zachariah Middleton

“On the western side of the fire, which is more rugged terrain, less populated, we’ve still have some work to do.  And we’re going to need some days without these gusty winds to make progress there,” said Morman.

Fire officials are continuing to keep a close eye on a water treatment plant operated by the city of the Dalles.  Morman says crews have worked to keep the fire at a safe distance so the plant employees can remain on the job.  

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