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Firefighters Continue To Battle Wildfires In Southwest Oregon

Forecasters are predicting more lightning could hit Southwest Oregon Tuesday.  That’s as firefighters continue to battle a number of large wildfires that stretch between the Rogue River/Siskiyou and Umpqua National Forests. 

Monday night, about 500 residents turned out for a public meeting in Glendale. Fire officials were on hand with the latest information on a group of more than 50 fires burning just north of town, known as the Douglas Complex.

No structures have been lost.  But more than 400 homes are at risk.  People in more than 40 homes have been urged to evacuate immediately.

Carol Connolly is fire information officer with the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. 

She says local and state firefighters are in place to perform what’s called “structure protection.”

“When we say ‘structure protection’, usually you have a fire truck assigned to each home or between two homes.  And they basically are on standby in event they need to go into action,” said Connolly.

Meanwhile, evacuation orders were issued yesterday for eight homes east of Tiller where another group of fires continues to burn.  Authorities say the Whiskey Complex has grown to about 2,500 acres.

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