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Suspicious Haystack Fires In Central Washington Leaves Major Export Up In Smoke

More than a dozen haystacks have been burned under suspicious circumstances in Central Washington since early October. It’s concerning to the hay industry and law enforcement.

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Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Oregon Wolf Delisting, Citing Change In State Law

The Oregon Court of Appeals dismissed a gray wolf delisting lawsuit Wednesday, citing a change in state law that blocked judicial review.

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Latino Nonprofit Receives $400,000 Grant To Help Farmers Of Color

Nonprofit organization Adelante Mujeres has received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help support, educate and empower farmers of color.

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Like Your Hummus Wet? Then You And Northwest Farmers Need Dry Beans

Because of relentless fall rain and an early snow, most of the beans harvested by eastern Washington farmers weren’t dry enough to be accepted by processors.

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Bankrupt Agricultural Co-op NORPAC Set To Layoff More Than 900 Employees

The co-op had already let go of nearly 500 employees in September when it began shutting down its Stayton plant. Wednesday’s announcement brings the total number of layoffs resulting from the co-op’s bankruptcy to 1,409.

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Willamette Falls Paper Company Creates A New, Non-Wood Paper Product

The West Linn based Willamette Falls Paper Company created its first non-wood paper product by using microscopic fibers from agricultural waste.

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How A Portland Nonprofit Brings Better Coffee To Your Cup

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence has spent 20 years helping farmers make more money for producing higher quality coffee. And they did it by putting coffee beans up for auction.

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What Does It Take To Get A New Apple Variety To Market? A Lot. And Cosmic Crisp Shows It.

After more than 20 years of development, the Cosmic Crisp apple is finally ready for the market.

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Climate Change Has Some Willamette Valley Farmers Adapting An Ancient Way To Grow Food

As the climate gets warmer, farmers in the Willamette Valley are testing an agricultural technique called dry farming. Instead of irrigating crops, they rely on the moisture stored in the soil.

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Columbia River Lock Reopens To Barge Traffic As NW Wheat Harvest Finishes Up

A critical navigation lock on the lower Columbia River reopened Friday night, Sept. 27, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Boat traffic on the international trade route has been stopped since Sept. 5 to repair a lock at Bonneville Dam.