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Trump Administration Abandons Plans To Close Forest Service Job Corps Centers

Oregon lawmakers were among those pressuring Trump officials to back off plans to close nine centers – including two in Oregon and Washington – and transfer 16 others to private contractors.

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Willapa Bay Oyster Farmers Struggle As Shrimp Population Booms

The booming population of a native species of Northwest shrimp threatens the oyster beds of Washington's Willapa Bay and a coastal way of life.

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1st Herbicide Barrel Removed From Oregon's Wallowa Lake

Despite initial fears about Agent Orange, the barrels seem to have been full of lake water, though the EPA is waiting for test results to confirm that the water and barrels are indeed clean.

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OSU Establishes New Hemp Research Center In Hopes Of Becoming Global Hub

Oregon State University is delving into hemp big time in the wake of congressional action last year to legalize the crop nationally. The university's new hemp research center involves 40 faculty members. 

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Oregon Restricts Solar Development On Prime Farmland

The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission has approved new rules that restrict commercial solar development on millions of acres of high-value farmland across the state.

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Oregon Governor Approves Ban On Predator Control 'Cyanide Bombs'

M-44 devices often target coyotes to reduce conflicts with livestock, but people and pets have been harmed in recent years.

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Environmental Groups Get Big Game Hunter Spiked From Oregon Wildlife Commission

Oregon Senate’s majority Democrats have pulled a name from a list of five fish and wildlife commission nominees under consideration Wednesday at a Senate Rules Committee hearing. 

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Washington Asparagus Farmers Struggle As Import Competition Grows

Growers in Washington, California and Michigan raise the majority of the nation’s domestic asparagus — and Washington’s season is on. But business in U.S. spears is noticeably dwindling.

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Elders In Action Says It's Closing After 22 Years

The Portland nonprofit Elders In Action announced Tuesday that it’s closing after 22 years.

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Oregon Warns Medical Cannabis Growers: Report Or Face Fines

Oregon is warning medical cannabis growers that if they don’t report their inventories, they could face stiff fines.