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There's More To Coffee Than Just The Bean. Meet The Coffee Fruit.

American's coffee obsession relies on just one part of the coffee plant: the seed. More often than not, the edible fruit surrounding the pit is thrown away. A Bend cafe has found new uses for all that food waste.

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The Workers, Farmers And Researchers Left In The Wake Of NORPAC's Sale

For almost 100 years, the farmers' cooperative shaped work, lives and the land in the Willamette Valley. Now it's gone. Here's who's left.

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Washington Farm Workers Talk Working Conditions With Visiting Mexican Senators

A delegation of Mexican government officials visited the Yakima Valley Monday to meet with dairy workers, most of whom are Mexican nationals. The group was looking to expand the role of the Mexican government in protecting the rights of workers.

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Oregon Lawmakers Take On Phasing Out A Controversial Pesticide, Again

During the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s chlorpyrifos workgroup meeting, news of bill to phase out use of the pesticide sparked questions about whether the group should continue.

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Another Cow Slain And Mutilated In South-Central Oregon, But Few Leads

A range cow was recently found in Lake County, Oregon, apparently mutilated.  This follows the five bulls killed on the sprawling Silvies Valley Ranch last summer in neighboring and vast Harney County. 

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Why Are Apples Rotting In Washington Orchards? Bad Weather, Labor Shortage To Blame

Fujis and Pink Ladies are some of the most valuable and last to ripen apple varieties in the Northwest. And this winter there are huge swaths of them left unpicked in orchards east of the Cascades.

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Teamsters Union Drops Objection To NORPAC Sale

That means the big condition attached to the $49 million sale of NORPAC's Oregon plants is resolved.

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Willamette Valley Farmers Wait To See If NORPAC Will Be Sold

A global cold storage company says it will buy parts of NORPAC, one of the region's largest fruit and vegetable processors. 

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Oregon Starts Appeals Of $1 Billion Timber Verdict

The Oregon Department of Justice wants a new trial in the landmark $1 billion Linn County timber case.

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Research Suggests Solar Energy Production And Agriculture Can Get Along

Analysis shows pollinators are drawn to plants grown between the panels of a southern Oregon commercial solar array.