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Elders In Action Says It's Closing After 22 Years

The Portland nonprofit Elders In Action announced Tuesday that it’s closing after 22 years.

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Oregon Warns Medical Cannabis Growers: Report Or Face Fines

Oregon is warning medical cannabis growers that if they don’t report their inventories, they could face stiff fines.

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Oregon Aerial Pesticide Bills Get Hearings In Salem

One bill would ban aerial pesticide spraying on state lands. The other would improve notification of when sprays would happen. 

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Oregon Herbicide Ban Slowed By Chemical Company Appeal

Dead pines nears Sisters set off a state investigation and a proposed ban, but chemical giant Bayer claims this unfairly singles out its product. 

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Why Are So Many Farmers Markets Failing? Because The Market Is Saturated

Farmers aren't producing enough to keep up with the number of smaller markets that keep popping up, often in close proximity to others. This results in fewer customers, unsold food, and maybe closure.

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Researchers Are Developing A Gluten-Free Grain For People With Celiac Disease

People with Celiac disease are a bit closer to enjoying gluten products again.

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Troubled Oregon Megadairy Sold To Lone Bidder, Cows Auctioned

Now all that’s left is to clean up more than 30 million gallons of manure and wastewater remaining on the property, south of the Columbia River outside Boardman.

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Massive Loss Of Thousands Of Hives Afflicts Orchard Growers And Beekeepers

Honey bees deal with many stressors: chemicals, climate change and viruses. But this year, a tiny mite has wiped out colonies, causing worry over whether there are enough bees left to do their jobs.

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Recent Winter Storms Don't Fix Western Oregon's Water Woes

Ski areas love the snow, but the water outlook is still not great for western Oregon.

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Chickpeas Sit In Silos As Trump's Trade Wars Wage On

The largest importers of crops like lentils, garbanzos or peas — China and India — aren't buying, due to trade wars and tariffs. But farmers already planted in anticipation of sales.