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Washington Commission Rejects Petition To Limit Killing Of Wolves

A petition that called for new rules to limit when the state can kill endangered wolves that prey on livestock was rejected Friday by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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SCOTUS Declines To Hear Klamath Basin Water Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a Klamath Basin water dispute that goes back nearly two decades.

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Cherries Are Almost Here, But There Will Be Less Fruit Than Usual

While the world grapples with the spread of the novel coronavirus, cherry farmers in the Northwest face an outbreak of "little cherry disease" in their crops.

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'Are Their Apples Worth More Than Our Lives?': Yakima Valley Fruit Workers Strike

It’s tough for farmworkers to choose between an income and fighting for protections from COVID-19. But striking workers in the Yakima Valley say their lives may depend on it.

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Shipping Woes, Weather Foes Have Northwest Asparagus Market On The Rise

For the last decade, lower-cost imports, labor shortages and increased farming costs have challenged Northwest asparagus farmers. But the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted sales for the region's crop.

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Supply Chain Breakdown Hurts Northwest Ag Exports

Northwest farmers and other agriculture producers say supply-chain disruptions are making it harder to ship their products to markets.

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COVID-19 Considerations Bring Confusion, Uncertainty To Northwest Family Farms

Across the Pacific Northwest, small and mid-sized farms are grappling with a range of challenges brought about by the novel coronavirus.  

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Immigrant Farmworkers Face Unique Challenges As Coronavirus Continues To Spread

The coronavirus has derailed millions of jobs, but farmworkers are still at work. That's because the federal government has designated food and agricultural a critical part of the nation's workforce.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Yields Different Realities For NW Potato And Apple Growers

The coronavirus pandemic continues to make its presence known in all facets of daily life, including agriculture. That extends to some supply and demand economics lessons for Northwest apple and potato growers.

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There's More To Coffee Than Just The Bean. Meet The Coffee Fruit.

American's coffee obsession relies on just one part of the coffee plant: the seed. More often than not, the edible fruit surrounding the pit is thrown away. A Bend cafe has found new uses for all that food waste.