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Tracking Salmon Migration Through Music

Salmon researchers are turning to sound to learn more about the fish they're trying to understand.

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Washington Rancher Shot Wolf Thinking It May Be Dog

A Washington rancher who killed a wolf in October told investigators that he thought he might have been shooting a dog, according to a Department of Fish and Wildlife report.

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Tracking Down Fishers — But Not For Their Furs

The fur-trapping trade has all but vanished from the Pacific Northwest. But even today, there are still people out in the woods, trying to track down a sleek, furry creature called a fisher.

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As Elk Grow More Comfortable In Town, Warrenton Residents Grow Concerned

Some locals worry the Warrenton elk herd is becoming a problem, growing in size and becoming too comfortable in town.

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Oregon May Require Pet Stores To Sell Dogs Only From Shelters

Oregon pet stores would no longer be able to sell dogs purchased from breeders under a bill being considered in the Legislature.

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Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Falling, Dead Goose Shot By His Hunting Party

A falling goose hit a waterfowl hunter near the Miles River on the state's eastern shore, knocking him out and causing head and facial injuries. He's in stable condition.

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Dead Crows Found In Portland; Poisoning Suspected

The Audubon Society of Portland says at least 10 crows have died in a suspected poisoning.

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Elgin Man Faces Charges For Killing Wolf

Authorities in Oregon say a 58-year-old wildlife trapper caught a juvenile female wolf late last year in rural Union County, then illegally shot and killed the animal.

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Problem Turkeys Avoid Oregon Town After Kill Permit Issued

Since a kill permit was issued for alleged problem turkeys in Pilot Rock, the wild birds have skipped town.

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An Eagle Finds His Wings Again At Astoria Wildlife Center

When the eagle is released later this month, he'll rejoin a robust population — one that seems to be reshaping bird colonies up and down the Oregon Coast.