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Wildlife Officials Conclude They Killed The Cougar Responsible For Hiker's Death

Oregon officials are ending the search for cougars in the Mount Hood area where a hiker was fatally attacked. They say all evidence shows they killed the correct cougar a week ago.

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Cougar Cameras Coming Up Empty 3 Days After Animal's Killing

Officials shot and killed a cougar suspected of fatally attacking hiker Diana Bober. They're still looking for more.

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Oregon Rejects Protection For Small Redwoods Forest Predator

Oregon fish and wildlife officials have rejected a request from six conservation groups to protect the Humboldt marten, a small predator that inhabits old-growth redwood forests.

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Officials Shoot Cougar Near Location Hiker Was Killed

Wildlife officials shot and killed a mountain lion in the area hiker Diana Bober was attacked. But it may not be the right one.

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Long Odds Confront Those Hunting Cougar That Killed Oregon Hiker

How do you know you've caught the right cougar? Bad weather and difficult conditions slow the hunt for a cougar thought to have killed a hiker in Oregon.

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Wolves In The Crosshairs Again In Northeastern Washington

After six incidents resulting in the death of one calf, the state has decided to kill at least one wolf. Conservation groups plan to challenge the ruling.

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Hunt Planned For Mountain Lion Suspected Of Killing Hiker

Search teams will begin hunting for the mountain lion that killed a hiker near Mount Hood. The search will begin Thursday morning and could be difficult and slow.

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Experts Weighing Next Steps To Save Ill Orca J50

Nearly two months after an international team of experts began taking extraordinary measures to save a young sick orca, the critically endangered whale is skinnier than ever.

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Sheriff: Oregon Hiker Likely Killed By Cougar

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says a dead hiker was likely killed by a cougar, marking the first verified fatal attack by a wild cougar in Oregon.

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Sea Lions And Orcas Battle It Out In Puget Sound

With salmon stocks failing and orcas hanging in the balance, pinnipeds like sea lions and seals find themselves in the crosshairs once again.