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Staying Safe In Grizzly Country

Many of the ways to stay safe in grizzly country apply to what you already do in black bear country – with some variations. Here are a few tips.

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What Washington Can Learn From Montana's Grizzlies

People in Montana say what’s happened with grizzlies in their state could be a guide for Washington, where the bears are in big trouble but on the verge of getting reinforcements.

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Sloths Seized From Oregon-Based Center Turning Into Courtroom Saga

The Olympia city prosecutor's office confirmed to public radio Thursday that it will file animal neglect charges in the next day or two against the owner of an Oregon-based sloth sanctuary.

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Snowy Plovers Spotted At Clatsop Spit For 1st Time In Decades

This week, snowy plover nests were spotted at Clatsop Spit — the first time since the 1980s that anyone has seen the birds there.

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Brown Pelicans Struggle To Find Food On Oregon Coast

It isn't uncommon for wildlife center workers to have starving pelicans on their hands while the birds are on the North Coast.

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Volunteers Come Together To Help Pets In Case Disaster Strikes

In Cannon Beach, Oregon, an all-volunteer team is assembling resources to provide support to pets and their owners in case of a natural disaster.

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Cougar Attack Leaves 1 Dead, Another Injured In Washington

One man was killed and another was seriously injured when they encountered a cougar Saturday while mountain biking in Washington state.

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Dozens More Charges Filed In NW Wildlife Poaching Ring Probe

Prosecutors in Oregon have filed more than a hundred charges in an investigation of wildlife poaching that has spanned state lines and allegedly left dozens of animals shot illegally and sometimes left to rot.

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Environmental, Animal Groups Ask To Shut Down Oregon Mega-Dairy

Environmental and animal welfare groups sent a letter to Oregon officials, asking them to shut down a controversial mega-dairy.

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Orca In Astoria? A Rare Sighting On The Oregon Coast

Several people reported seeing orcas near the Astoria Bridge over the weekend — a rare sight in that part of the Columbia River estuary.