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Study Finds Eugene Mussel Population Reproducing

A recent study has found a large population of mussels that live in the Willamette River near Maurie Jacobs Park is reproducing.

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TriMet Using Hawks To Stop Poop From 10,000 Crows

TriMet has found what the agency hopes will be a non-lethal solution to the fowl fouling up bus stop benches, sidewalks, public art and MAX platforms: hawks.

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An Elusive Predator Will Return To The North Cascades

Washington's North Cascades will soon see the return of a small, weasel-like predator called the fisher. The carnivore has been successfully reintroduced in other parts of the state.

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The Mysterious Virus That Killed The Oregon Zoo's Youngest Elephant

No one knows why so many young elephants like Lily at the Oregon Zoo die from a usually harmless elephant virus. But there's a global effort to save them.

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Oregon Zoo Mourns Death Of Youngest Elephant

Lily, a 6-year-old Asian elephant, died just a day after routine blood samples showed the virus in her system.

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Meet The 'Mitchell Ornithopod': Oregon's 1st Dinosaur Fossil Find

A toe bone discovered near Mitchell, Oregon, is the first dinosaur fossil ever found in the state.

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Otter Fans Float Plan To Return Sea Otters To The Oregon Coast

It's been more than a century since sea otters were hunted to near extinction along the U.S. West Coast. Now a new nonprofit has formed to try to bring them back to the Oregon Coast.

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Oregon Gets Green Light To Kill Sea Lions At Willamette Falls, Protecting Salmon And Steelhead

Oregon officials have been given the green light to kill California sea lions at Willamette Falls in the effort to save endangered salmon and steelhead.

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Cannon Beach Police Seek Information On Dead Rabbits

Police in Cannon Beach are asking for information about the discovery of a half-dozen dead rabbits.

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Disability Rights Oregon Calls For Ban On Use Of Dogs In Jails

Advocates for Oregonians with disabilities are calling for a ban on the use of dogs to control jail inmates.