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CBS Paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 Million After Alleged Sexual Harassment, Termination

Days after confronting actor Michael Weatherly, a huge star for the network, Dushku was written off of Bull. An investigation determined the company often protected itself at the expense of victims.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda On 'Mary Poppins Returns' And Writing His Way Onstage

Though best known for his auteur work, the mastermind of Hamilton and In the Heights says it was his dream to be offered a part in someone else's musical.

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Swahili Speakers Debate Disney's Trademark of 'Hakuna Matata' For T-Shirts

The song title from the film The Lion King has been trademarked by Disney since 2003. In recent weeks, Africa media has launched a discussion on whether that's cultural appropriation.

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With An Eye On Oscars, Netflix Sent 'Roma' To Theaters First

Alfonso Cuarón's acclaimed movie has been part of an ongoing battle over who gets to premier movies: streaming services like Netflix, or theaters?

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Obama Photographer Uses 'Shade' To Contrast Presidents, Political Landscapes

On Instagram and in his latest book, former White House photographer Pete Souza juxtaposes images of the 44th president as critical counterpoints to headlines and tweets generated by the 45th.

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The Cure, Janet Jackson, Radiohead Among Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees For 2019

The institution chose seven inductees from a field of 15 to honor at next March's ceremony, including Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Roxy Music and The Zombies.

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Former NFL Player Tim Green Has A New Opponent — ALS

Green, a well-known voice on NPR in the 1990s, is one of a growing number of former football players with the degenerative illness Lou Gehrig's disease. And he's not hiding it.

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Rays Of Sun Or A Reminder Of Atrocities? After Protests, LA Mural Will Be Removed

The artist says he meant no harm, but some Korean neighbors see echoes of a flag flown by the imperial Japanese army during World War II.

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Dark Horse Entertainment's Founder On The Future Of Comic Books

Oregon-based Dark Horse Entertainment recently announced a major global partnership with a Chinese investment firm to finance new film production and expand into Asian markets. 

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Not My Job: We Quiz Candice Bergen Of 'Murphy Brown' On Murphy's Law

Thirty years after it first debuted in 1988, the sit-com Murphy Brown is back — and Bergen is still in the title role.