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PHOTOS: The Vanishing Body Art Of A Tribe Of Onetime Headhunters

The tattoos were once a sign that a man in India's Konyak clan was a headhunter. A new book tells their story.

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A Push To Modernize Philippine Transport Threatens The Beloved Jeepney

The colorful, crowded vehicles are a cheap and popular form of public transport. But they also pollute the air. Jeepney drivers have been pushing back against government plans to phase them out.

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Jennifer Palmieri: Hillary Ran With 'Half Her Humanity Tied Behind Her Back'

Palmieri is out with a new book, Dear Madam President, and it's both a retrospective on the 2016 election and a compendium of advice for the first woman to make it to the Oval Office.

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The Weinstein Co. Files For Bankruptcy, Cancels Non-Disclosure Agreements

The deal releases all those who had signed settlement deals that required them to be silent about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct, allowing them now to tell their stories.

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What's Up, Pence? Second Family's Rabbit Makes Children's Book Debut

Bunny Marlon Bundo is featured in a book by the vice president's daughter Charlotte and wife, Karen. But even pets in Washington cannot escape controversy.

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Harper Lee Estate Sues Over 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Broadway Script By Aaron Sorkin

The author's lawyer says a contract bars the producers of a high-profile stage adaptation from departing "in any manner" from the spirit of the classic novel.

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Miriam Zoila Pérez: How Does Racism Affect Pregnant Women And Babies?

Why do pregnant women of color have different health outcomes from their white counterparts? Writer and activist Miriam Zoila Pérez explains the ways racism manifests for these women and their babies.

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Dena Simmons: How Does Imposter Syndrome Affect Students Of Color?

When Bronx-native Dena Simmons received a scholarship to attend a majority white boarding school, she felt like an imposter. Simmons suggests ways students of color can be made to feel more accepted.

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A New Documentary About Adults On Adderall — And Not Just For ADHD

Alison Klayman's new film Take Your Pills looks at the pervasiveness of prescription stimulants — Adderall, Ritalin, and others — in college classrooms and workplaces in the U.S.

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VIDEO: We Went Foraging For Winter's Wild Edibles

People might not think of winter as a fruitful season for foraging wild edibles, but nutritionist and expert forager Debbie Naha says there's actually a lot out there that you can find year round.