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Smoky Complications For Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is intensifying its efforts to develop strategies to cope with the “new reality” of smoky skies over Ashland nearly every summer.

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New Book: Vaccines Have Always Had Haters

That's one of the themes in the new book 'Between Hope and Fear: A History of Vaccines and Human Immunity.'

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'Night Moves' Captures Fleeting Moments In Chicago — And Life

Jessica Hopper's memoir oscillates between charting a story of gentrification, a young woman's love affair with Chicago, and the types of friendships that represent the texture of a city.

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How The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Began In A Mother's Living Room Lab

"The language of type can be immensely clarifying," says author Merve Emre. In The Personality Brokers she describes how a mother-daughter duo started a multi-million dollar "people sorting" industry.

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San Francisco Museum Shows Off Modern Muslim Women's Fashion

"Contemporary Muslim Fashions" opens Saturday at the de Young Museum in San Francisco with about 80 ensembles by nearly 60 designers from around the world, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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'The Dinosaur Artist' Dusts Off The Debate Over Who Should Own Fossils

Author Paige Williams brings the discussion to life by recounting the exploits of commercial fossil hunter Eric Prokopi, highlighting one find — a 24-ft.-long Tarbosaurus fossil, the book's star.

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Khaled Hosseini Says A Succinct 'Sea Prayer' For A Refugee's Journey

The novelist known for his epic works about Afghanistan turns his attention to the human impact of the Syrian refugee crisis in a slim, poetic, illustrated book.

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New Portland Music Advocacy Group To Lobby For Businesses, Artists

An advocacy group called MusicPortland kicks off with an ambitious to-do list intended to unite many music communities.

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'These Truths' Looks At America Through The Promises Of Its Beginning

By engaging with our country's past — and present — in an intellectually honest way, Jill Lepore has created a book that truly does encapsulate the American story in all its pain and triumph.

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Photojournalists Are Demanding A #MeToo Reckoning

Vox photo editor Kainaz Amaria talks about the unaddressed culture of sexual harassment in the photojournalism industry — a rampant issue she says stems from a glaring gender imbalance.