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'In The Hurricane's Eye' Focuses On Naval Power's Role In The Victory At Yorktown

In his new book, Nathaniel Philbrick grabs the reader's head and turns it towards the sea, providing a fresh take on an old story of the Revolutionary War.

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'The Big Fella' Highlights Babe Ruth's Spot As First Celebrity Sports Star

Jane Leavy tells the story of Ruth as the first baseball superstar — but also a movie star, a vaudeville performer, a barnstormer, a pitchman for every conceivable product, and a newspaper columnist.

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'Frederick Douglass' Is An Extended Meditation On The Legend's Self-Invention

David W. Blight's opus manages to be both a celebration of a remarkable life and a sober reminder of the many ways in which our terrible times are shaped by those Douglass lived through.

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'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' Is Stephen Hawking's Parting Gift To Humanity

The physicist's posthumous book highlights his belief in the rationality of nature and on our ability to uncover its secrets — and a faith in science's ability to solve humanity's biggest problems.

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The 'Young Black Man' Who Reluctantly Became An NRA-Certified Instructor

RJ Young developed an interest in guns in order to bond with his white father-in-law. The experience is chronicled is his new book, Let It Bang.

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'The Ravenmaster' Is Definitely (There) For The Birds

Legend says that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, England will fall. Luckily, ravenmaster Chris Skaife is there to care for them, and he's got a new book about these extraordinary birds.

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'False Calm' Acts As A Record Of Real Life In Patagonia

Argentine writer María Sonia Cristoff wants to be honest: She won't shape her subjects' narratives or take control another person's story. This is both the book's great strength and great weakness.

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'Presidents Of War' Sounds The Alarm About Presidential Power

In his new book, Michael Beschloss focuses on the lead up to war. But a more pressing danger and indictment of presidential power may be the interventions not authorized by Congress.

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'Belonging' Explores The Notion Of Homeland And Inherited Guilt

In its searching honesty and multi-layered, visual and verbal storytelling, Nora Krug's memoir investigates mixed feelings about being German and her family's role in the Holocaust.

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'All You Can Ever Know' Offers A Personal Account Of Transracial Adoption

Nicole Chung's memoir is never myopic and, ultimately, it's universal: a story about families, learning to grapple with our own identities, and figuring out where we belong.