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Jennifer Palmieri: Hillary Ran With 'Half Her Humanity Tied Behind Her Back'

Palmieri is out with a new book, Dear Madam President, and it's both a retrospective on the 2016 election and a compendium of advice for the first woman to make it to the Oval Office.

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What's Up, Pence? Second Family's Rabbit Makes Children's Book Debut

Bunny Marlon Bundo is featured in a book by the vice president's daughter Charlotte and wife, Karen. But even pets in Washington cannot escape controversy.

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Harper Lee Estate Sues Over 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Broadway Script By Aaron Sorkin

The author's lawyer says a contract bars the producers of a high-profile stage adaptation from departing "in any manner" from the spirit of the classic novel.

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Sherman Alexie Postpones Memoir's Paperback Release Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

After several women have accused Alexie of sexual harassment, his publisher says it's shelving its plans to release You Don't Have to Say You Love Me in paperback, at the author's request.

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In 'No Turning Back,' The 'Epic' Journeys Of Four Syrians In Wartime

Journalist Rania Abouzeid has had a front-row view of the Syrian conflict since its beginning. Her new book tracks people through the six chaotic years following the first peaceful protests.

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Beset By Sexual Harassment Claims, Sherman Alexie Declines Literary Prize

The American Library Association acknowledges the writer's decision not to accept the Carnegie Medal for nonfiction. He was chosen for his memoir about his mother.

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'Walking Dead' Creator Hangs Up Superhero Series To Shack Up With Monsters

Robert Kirkman is ending his longest-running series, "Invincible," just as Seth Rogen announced he'd make it into a movie. Up next? Interdimensional monsters in Philly with "Oblivion Song."

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Getting Climate Change Right: In Light Of The Stars

When it comes to facing global warming, dealing with climate change and making informed choices for our cherished "project of civilization," we've been asking the wrong question, says Adam Frank.

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John Koenig: What If There Were A Word For Every Emotion In The World?

When we can't describe how we're feeling, we say we "have no words." But in his made-up dictionary, writer John Koenig has invented words to describe our most abstract and ephemeral emotions.

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Native American Women On Sherman Alexie: 'The Silence Was Destructive'

Several women who have accused author Sherman Alexie of sexual harassment have now gone public with their stories and that’s stirring some tough conversations within literary and Native American communities in the Northwest.