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In A Crisis Of Sexual Harassment, Whither The Office Romance?


Efforts to eliminate harassment in the workplace target a site where couples tend to meet and fall in love — but also a place where power can be abused.

Avocado Hand Injuries Are Real. Is A Seedless Fruit The Answer?


Apparently people are showing up in the ER with nerve injuries from improperly cutting the pit out of an avocado. So now there's a cute new seedless variety.

Stop Hating On Ed Sheeran's Fundraising Ad, Say Critics


A Comic Relief spot starring the pop singer, raising funds for children in Liberia, was voted the worst charity ad of 2017. Some are saying the criticisms aren't warranted.

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Jamie Bartlett: What Goes On In The Secrecy Of The Dark Web?

When journalist Jamie Bartlett dove into the secret, hidden part of the Internet known as the Dark Web, he was surprised by what he found lurking there.

Technology | Science | Entertainment | Business | Nation | Food

How The Food Industry Uses Cavitation, The Ocean's Most Powerful Punch

Cavitation produces a bubble that rapidly collapses and becomes hotter than the sun's surface. The mantis shrimp uses it, and now so do food and drink firms, to improve flavors — from yogurt to beer.

Business | Entertainment | Arts

This Mouse Swallows Part Of A Fox: Disney Buys Most Of Murdoch Empire

Rupert Murdoch keeps Fox News and Fox TV but sells off other entertainment assets in the face of digital competitors and dynastic tensions.

Science | Entertainment | Arts

Science Speed-Dating Aims To Boost Accuracy In TV And Film

When was the last time you got really excited by good science depicted in a movie? Anthropologist Barbara J. King joined scientists last week in helping producers make more accurate TV and movies.

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PBS Host Tavis Smiley Suspended After Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Variety reports Smiley had sexual relationships with subordinates who were afraid their jobs were on the line. Smiley is the second PBS talk show host suspended in the wake of misconduct allegations.

News | Technology | World | local | Entertainment | Arts | Business | Teachers | Agriculture | History | Nation | Food | 2017: The Year In Review

2017 OPB Special Coverage Packages

Some stories this year could not be told with just a single article. For its more complex stories, OPB combined resources to curate investigative pieces, cultural phenomena, historic moments and more.

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Oregon Field Guide Favorite Places 2017

“Hey, what’s your favorite place in Oregon?” That’s probably the most frequently asked question we hear on our travels while working for "Oregon Field Guide."

Communities | Technology | local | Entertainment | Arts | Business | 2017: The Year In Review

'Oregon Art Beat' 2017: Animation Revolution, A Stellar Experience Of Art And More

A look back at "Oregon Art Beat's" year of animation, natural wonders of light and lack there of, timeless voices and more.

Nation | Business | Entertainment | Technology | Arts

How A Female Engineer Built A Public Case Against A Sexual Harasser In Silicon Valley

Niniane Wang, an experienced engineer with a startup incubator, says she was harassed by a male investor. She wanted to be certain that when she came forward, she wouldn't be ignored.

Election | Entertainment

Trump Thanks Omarosa Manigault Newman After White House Announces Her Resignation

The former Apprentice contestant is stepping down effective January 20, 2018, the White House said.