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The Queen Was Paid Less Than Her Prince On Netflix's 'The Crown'


The producers of the TV drama say the star, Claire Foy, got less than former Doctor Who star Matt Smith, but also say that will be rectified in future seasons when new actors take over the characters.

Daniel Kahneman On Misery, Memory, And Our Understanding Of The Mind


Economic theory rests on a simple notion about humans: people are rational. But a half century ago, two psychologists shattered these assumptions.

An Indigenous Language Is Stayin' Alive In A Karaoke Contest

Northwest News Network

Native American tribal members in the Pacific Northwest host an annual karaoke contest to keep their indigenous language, Salish, alive.

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The Great Norwegian Porridge Debate, Or Tradition Vs. 'Science'

In 1864, a male scientist tried to "porridge-splain" how to make proper gruel to Norwegian women who had been making it for centuries. It caused quite a stir and didn't work out so well for him.

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Obama In Talks To Produce Shows For Netflix, Report Says

The former president is in negotiations to produce a series of high-profile shows for Netflix, according to The New York Times. The number of episodes and show formats have not been decided.

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In The White House Cabinet Room, Parallels To 'The Apprentice' Boardroom

A former producer from The Apprentice says he feels for White House advisors watching as President Trump goes off script in televised cabinet room listening sessions, much as he did on the show.

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Deal To Take Over The Weinstein Co. Falls Through

The bid to create a women-led film studio collapses upon the discovery that the company carried more debt than previously known.

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Oscars TV Ratings Fall, Again

It may be Hollywood's biggest night, but fewer people chose to watch the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday. It's the fourth consecutive year viewership has declined as Oscars lose luster to Web rivals.

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Cloning A Beloved Pet May Be A Tempting Idea, But There Are Pitfalls

Barbra Streisand's story of cloning her late dog, Samantha, prompted NPR's Scott Simon to muse on the ways cloning falls short, and the alternatives to trying to recreate a beloved pet.

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10 Things We Love About ‘Everything Sucks!,’ Oregon's Newest TV Show

Filmed in Boring, Oregon, Netflix’s newest show is a homage to the '90s. We have an exclusive interview with the creators.

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'Black Panther' Brings New Visibility To Cosplayers Of Color

Cosplay, when people wear costumes to play fictional characters from comics, often excludes people of color because most comic book characters are white. The film Black Panther is changing that.

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The Oscar For Best Snack Goes To ... Popcorn, The 6,000-Year-Old Aztec Gold

Zoom in and behold the science secrets behind popcorn's airy crunch — and learn about the snack's ancient origin — in this bite-sized video.

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Send In The Clones: Barbra Streisand Reveals Fluffy Canine Copies

In an interview with Variety magazine, the legendary singer/filmmaker dropped a bombshell: Two of her three coton de tulears are clones of a favorite canine who died last year.