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Apple Debuts Streaming Video, Payment Card And News Subscription Services


As iPhone sales slow, Apple is rolling out Apple TV+, a service to compete with Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. It's also offering a virtual credit card and a subscription news service.

Too Much Video Streaming To Choose From? It's Only Going To Get Worse


It can be frustrating when viewers try to figure out which service has what they want to watch — Netflix, Prime, Hulu? It's about to get worse as more streaming services launch this year.

Disney Officially Owns 21st Century Fox


The $71 billion deal strengthens Disney's portfolio and gives it even more leverage to compete against other streaming powerhouses.

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Economic Report Of The President ... And Some Superhero Friends

Pranksters added some whimsical credits in the fine print of an annual White House economic report.

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The Sex Scandals Shaking K-Pop And A Reckoning Over How South Korea Regards Women

Several K-pop stars have admitted to being involved in the practice of "spycamming" in Korea — secretly recording sexual acts without the partner's notice and posting those videos online.


Fact Bag With Aparna Nancherla

Ophira, Jonathan, and comedian Aparna Nancherla team up to guess the answers to our brain-tickling facts, conveniently stored in a bag. Fact Bag!


Please Quit Your Day Job

Contestants identify thinkers and leaders based on descriptions of their early careers, like when Christine Baranski worked at a mayonnaise plant. We're kidding! (Or are we?)


Sing The Phone Book

Know the 4-1-1 on popular tunes? In this audio quiz, contestants listen to song lyrics containing a phone number and dial in with the original artist.

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Aparna Nancherla: Introvert Goes 'Corporate'

Comedian and actor Aparna Nancherla dishes about interning at NPR, transforming her struggles with mental health into comedy, and working at a soul-crushing office job.


Before Their Time

For everyone who liked it before it was cool: Contestants identify now-popular things based on the harsh criticism they originally received.


Closing Time

You make me feel like a Natural... Wonders? In this music parody game, contestants identify retail chains that went out of business.


Palindrome Thunderdome

A trivia game that will make you say "ah, ha"! In this tricky final round, every answer is a two-word palindrome.

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Brian Michael Bendis And David F. Walker Team Up for Wonder Comics’ 'Naomi'

A black teen in the fictional Oregon town of Port Oswego, Naomi’s storyline teases big revelations for the DC Universe.