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Tina Fey Hosts Star-Studded 'SNL' Season 43 Finale


The season ender of Saturday Night Live opened Trump style with a nod to the finale of The Sopranos. It was Fey's sixth time hosting the show and her musical guest was Nicki Minaj.

Ohio Police Help Man Who Was Being Followed Home By A Pig


The North Ridgeville Police Department received a call early Saturday morning from what they thought was an "obviously drunk guy." Turns out, the pig just wanted to be petted.

A Royal Wedding With Global Allure: Our Photo Album


A visual testimony of the Royal Wedding.

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The Voice Behind The 'Laurel' Or 'Yanny' Recording: Actor Jay Aubrey Jones

Broadway and TV actor Jay Aubrey Jones recorded thousands of words for But his pronunciation of the word "laurel" went viral for sounding to some people like "yanny."

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Against The Odds, A Royal Wedding Worth Watching

Normally, royal weddings are like the Oscars: a lot of pomp, but no real surprises. But when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, the TV audience sat up and took notice.


Real Or Fake Fitness Class?

Let's get quizzical: Fitness is a $27 billion industry, and there are some wacky concepts out there. Contestants sort the authentic exercises from the fitness fakes.


Put Me In, Coach!

Contestants identify clips of coaches and athletes from film and TV. Will this game be a blowout, or go into overtime?

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Diane Guerrero: Most Likely To Be Superlative

Actor Diane Guerrero takes us behind the scenes on Orange is the New Black, and plays a game about celebrity superlatives. Plus, she talks about her new memoir about her family's immigration struggle.


The End Is Nearer

A rabbit rabbi walked into a bard bar and played this game about two-word phrases made by removing the last letter of the first word. Needless needles!


Cash Rules Every Song Around Me

Yen for a currency events quiz? Make cents of this: Jonathan Coulton parodies songs with "money" in the title, making them about international tender.


Walk, Don't Run

In this final round, every answer contains one of three natural human gaits — "walk," "skip," or "run."

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'Yanny' Or 'Laurel'? Why People Hear Different Things In That Viral Clip

We consulted experts in how human brains perceive sound. The poor quality of the audio file can be blamed for the different ways our brains perceive it. What we expect to hear also matters.

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How To Watch The Royal Wedding In The Way That's Right For You

It's almost time for another royal wedding, and we've got a plan for you to enjoy it, no matter how you want to watch.