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Short Attention Span Theater: A Quick Look At Quibi's Launch Titles


The streaming service "designed specifically for your phone" launches with 50 shows — and over a 100 more on the way. Here's our highlights from the opening batch.

The Beat Goes On: High School Choirs Improvise In The Age Of Coronavirus


After cancelled musicals and spring concerts, choral directors across the country are going the extra mile to have their students' voices heard.

'America's Got Talent' Win Could Help Mumbai Group Out Of Poverty


Acrobatic dancers from Mumbai's slums performed to a Bollywood song and wowed the audience. Fame may help them out of poverty. NPR's India producer visited some of their homes.

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Florists Rescue Their Spring Blooms For Public Installations During Pandemic

That followed Gov. Kate Brown's recent stay-at-home order due to the spread of COVID-19 that forced many of Oregon's local flower shops to temporarily close. 

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Keep Your Game Night Rolling (At A Safe Distance) With These 3 Online Services

If your regular game night's been disrupted by social distancing, here are a few ways that you can take tabletop games online — so you can stay safe and still trash talk your friends when you win.

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Historic Games, Documentaries And ... Marble Races: ESPN Without Live Sports

ESPN calls itself the "worldwide leader in sports," but there are few live sports to show. So it's scrambling to fill the time, offering diversions like cherry pit spitting and marble racing.

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'Love Is Blind' Couple Offers Advice For Socially Distanced Daters

As long as we can still pick up the phone during a pandemic, there's hope that dating from a distance can lead to love, says a now-married couple from the Netflix show 'Love Is Blind.'

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Portland Arts Tax Deadline Pushed To July 15

Portland’s Office of Management and Finance said Wednesday they are still waiting on “formal guidance” from the Oregon Department of Revenue before deciding whether to extend the deadline of business taxes. The city has temporarily stopped collection on past due taxes.  

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Getting Bored? Here's A List Of Free Things That Weren't Free Before Coronavirus

From Broadway plays to playwrights giving writing lessons to online courses from Ivy League schools, here's a look at some things (but not everything!) that have suddenly become free.

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It Ain't Cabot Cove: Murder In Maine Haunts The Twisty 'Blow The Man Down'

Two sisters attempt to cover up a killing in a fishing village that harbors its own sinister secrets in this film that evokes the tone of films like Fargo and Blood Simple.

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As Hanging Out Gets Difficult, More People Are Turning To Social Video Games

New restrictions have placed limits on in-person gatherings. Online video games are proving popular as people look for a way to socialize during this time of social distancing.

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Love In The Time Of COVID-19: Some Pickup Lines To Get You Through The Pandemic

Maybe it's not the way you imagined meeting that special someone. But if they can look passed that N95 mask, gazing into your eyes from a safe distance, who's to say it's not meant to last?

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Life In The Time Of Coronavirus: What's Still Open In Oregon?

As the novel coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life, businesses and restaurants are limiting their hours or closing their doors to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon communities.