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¿Es El Cerebro De Su Niña O Niño Un Músculo O Una Máquina?

Jason es bueno en ciertas materias escolares y actividades y prefiere hacerlas, sobre aquellas tareas que no son naturales para él. Por el contrario, su compañero de clase Austin dice que le gusta cuando tiene que "trabajar arduamente" para lograr algo.

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Portland City Council Extends Housing Emergency, Relocation Assistance

The housing emergency was first declared October 2015 and has been extended once before to continue to address homelessness in Portland.

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Vancouver Launches Training In Response To Immigration Raids

For the first time in Southwest Washington, organizers are training community members on how best to respond to an immigration raid.

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PPS Launches Investigation Into Alleged Sex Abuse By Former Teacher

Portland Public Schools launched an investigation Tuesday into an alleged pattern of sexual harassment and abuse by a former teacher and coach.

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Raising 2 Sons And Navigating 2 Races

OPB is asking people across the Pacific Northwest to talk about the role race plays in their daily lives. Today, a white couple adjusts to raising a mixed-race family.

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Portland Police To Stop Labeling People As 'Gang Members'

The Portland Police Bureau says it will stop labeling people as gang members following concern the label disproportionately affects people of color.

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Oregon Rainbow Gathering: Bliss For Campers, Headache For Forest Service

This year’s national event south of John Day in Oregon drew 13,120 campers — almost double the entire population of Grant County — much to the dismay of the Forest Service.

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Oregon Senate Approves Medical Coverage For Immigrant Children

A measure that would pay health insurance coverage for children who are in the country illegally is one step closer to law in Oregon.

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Refugee Advocates Expect Challenges Even If Travel Ban Gets Tossed

Refugee programs in the Portland area are still coming to terms with what the partial reinstatement of President Trump’s refugee and travel ban means for the vulnerable people they serve.