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Sea Lion Shuttle Service Not A Solution To Lethal Removal At Willamette Falls

Wildlife managers have asked for permission to kill sea lions at Willamette Falls to save threatened fish. Their attempt to relocate the animals have not solved the problem.

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Can Genome Sequencing Help Northwest Orcas Recover?

Could genome sequencing help save a declining population of  Pacific Northwest orcas?

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Feds Propose Listing Rare Humboldt Marten As A Threatened Species

Only a few hundred Humboldt martens are left, living in small coastal pockets of forest in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

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Why Many Northwest Animals And Plants Need Wildfire

Not all wildfire is a force of destruction. Many of our favorite Northwest plants and animals have evolved to depend on it.

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Public Lands Grazing Helps Ranchers, Sage Grouse, Study Says

Grazing restrictions on public lands may have unintended consequences for greater sage grouse, according to a recent study. The imperiled birds' habitat can be lost when ranching operations go under.

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Grand Ronde Launch Upstream Battle To Build A Fishing Platform At Willamette Falls

The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde launch a historic effort to build a fishing scaffold at Willamette Falls, but they're facing opposition from other tribes and Portland General Electric.

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Another Puget Sound Orca Is In Bad Shape. 3 Others Are Pregnant

Since last November, three members of the long-endangered population have died, most recently an emaciated young female known as J50.

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Public Asked To Help Plan Future Trails At Cascade Head

Cascade Head is the terminus of the Cascade Mountains at the edge of the continent. The headland looms north of Lincoln City and has native grasses, rare wildflowers and the Oregon silver spot butterfly. It features official and unofficial hiking trails.

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Critters Begin Using Unfinished Animals-Only Bridge Over I-90

Deer have already begun using an unfinished wildlife bridge over Interstate 90 east of Snoqualmie Pass. The new overcrossing is expected to reduce frightening animal-vehicle collisions.

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Seattle's New Seawall Is Built To Help Salmon

The new seawall on Seattle's waterfront is designed to help salmon with more natural light, rocks to provide habitat for plankton, and a false seafloor to mimic mudflats predating the city.