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Bumblebee Blues: Pacific Northwest Pollinator In Trouble

Bumblebees are important pollinators, but some species have disappeared from places where they were once common, possibly because of the same factors that have been killing honeybees.

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Gray Wolves Could Lose Protections As 'Endangered' Status Reconsidered

A new status review of endangered gray wolves could lead to reduced protections. 

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Rare Whale Dolphin Washes Up On Oregon Coast

A rare right whale dolphin was found beached on the Oregon Coast last week.

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Lawsuit Aims To Protect Salmon From Logging On Oregon State Forests

A lawsuit filed Wednesday argues the Oregon Department of Forestry is hurting protected coho salmon with its logging practices on state forests.

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Supreme Court Gives Tribes A Victory Over Washington State In Salmon Case

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling means Washington must fix the culverts that block the most salmon habitat by 2030. One estimate puts the cost at $2 billion.

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SCOTUS Tie Gives Tribes Victory In Salmon Migration Barriers Lawsuit

The Supreme Court is leaving in place a court order that forces Washington state to restore salmon habitat by removing barriers that block fish migration.

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Oregon Reverses Course On Increasing Protections For An Imperiled Seabird

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission decided Thursday not to elevate the status of the marbled murrelet from a "threatened" species to "endangered."

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Ashland Crime Lab Investigates A Mysterious Montana Animal

Can a wildlife crime lab in Oregon find out what this mysterious wolf-like animal is?

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What Washington Can Learn From Montana's Grizzlies

People in Montana say what’s happened with grizzlies in their state could be a guide for Washington, where the bears are in big trouble but on the verge of getting reinforcements.

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Traces Of Opioids Found In Seattle-Area Mussels

Researchers said the discovery of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in local harbors is not uncommon, but the agency noted that this is the first time that oxycodone has been found in shellfish.