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Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Claiming Grazing Hurts Oregon Bull Trout

Ranchers and the federal government have defeated a 15-year-old environmentalist lawsuit that claimed grazing imperils threatened bull trout in Oregon's Malheur National Forest.

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Researchers ID Whales By Genetic Bread Crumbs Left Behind

Even two hours after they pass, genetic traces from orcas can be detected in the water.

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Tropical Dolphins Are Appearing In Pacific Northwest Waters

For the first time, bottlenose dolphins have been sighted off the coast of British Columbia. And more might be coming.

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This Is What That 'Salmon-Safe' Label Says About Your Wine Or Eggs

One of the region's biggest farm operations touts its products as certified "salmon safe." Does that matter to consumers deciding which carton of eggs to put in their shopping cart?

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Eastern Oregon Ranchers Push To Kill Pine Creek Wolves

Northeast Oregon ranchers are again seeking to eradicate the entire Pine Creek wolf pack from Baker County after the apex predators attacked livestock for the third time in just over a week.

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Salvage Logging Proposed For Parts Of Chetco Bar Fire Burn Area

Chetco Bar was by far Oregon’s largest wildfire in 2017, burning just over 191,000 acres in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

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Captive-Raised Lambs Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep aren’t doing that well. One big reason is pneumonia. But these animals are getting help from an unlikely place: a prison in eastern Washington.

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Oregon Wolf Population Rises To At Least 124

Oregon is home to at least 12 wolf packs, 11 of which have a breeding male and female with at least two pups that survived the winter — a 38 percent increase.

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Citing Recovery 'Success,' Idaho Will Consider Grizzly Bear Hunt

Idaho officials have scheduled two public meetings as part of a process to potentially open a grizzly bear hunting season this fall that would allow the killing of one male.