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Salmon Fisheries Set As Managers Start Process To Protect Endangered Orcas

With fishery limits now set, attention turns to rebuilding "overfished" salmon runs and protecting Southern Resident orcas.

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Washington Politicians Mull Options For Removing Competition For Orcas

Politicians and wildlife managers are engaged in a fresh debate about whether to intervene in nature to save an imperiled species.

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New Plan Would Return California Condors To Northwest Skies

Federal agencies and Northern California's Yurok Tribe have released a plan to reintroduce critically endangered California condors to the Pacific Northwest.

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Here's Why The Magical, Mysterious Mason Bee Is A Gardener's Best Friend

Native Oregon bees with incredible pollinating powers are becoming popular with backyard gardeners and orchardists.

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Recreational Crabbing Open On The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Departments of Agriculture and of Fish and Wildlife report that the biotoxin domoic acid is below the closure limit for crabs, opening the recreational crabbing season.

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Bird Advocates Question Raven-Killing Plans To Protect Sage Grouse

Biologists say ravens in one part of Oregon are eating too many sage grouse eggs. But bird advocates are questioning plans to "lethally remove" ravens to help sage grouse numbers.

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Food Groups, Tribes Concerned Over Genetically Engineered Salmon

Genetically engineered salmon are one step closer to winding up on store shelves, after the Food and Drug Administration lifted an import ban. That’s concerning to tribes, food groups and environmentalists.

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Running Oregon's Wild And Scenic Rogue River In A Classic Way

Wooden drift boats are works of art. So why take one down the rocky Rogue River?

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Most Clatsop County Beaches Close To Razor Clamming

The Oregon Departments of Agriculture and of Fish and Wildlife said recent shellfish samples indicate high levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid.

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Fisheries Managers Face Mixed Forecast For Northwest Salmon, Concerns Over Endangered Orca

Northwest chinook salmon fisheries may eventually be adjusted to ensure there’s enough fish in the ocean for endangered orcas.