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Washington Commission Rejects Petition To Limit Killing Of Wolves

A petition that called for new rules to limit when the state can kill endangered wolves that prey on livestock was rejected Friday by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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Portland, Port Join Settlement With Monsanto Over PCBs Contamination

The City of Portland, along with the Port of Portland, join over 2,500 government entities in a multi-million-dollar proposed class action settlement with Monsanto.

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Good News For Sea Otter Fans: A Cost-benefit Analysis Encourages Oregon Return

A study of sea otter restoration in British Columbia is giving encouragement to a group that wants to bring sea otters back to the Oregon Coast.

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Last Call: Tracking The Sound Of The Spotted Owl's Extinction

The spotted owl changed the fate of Northwest forests in the summer of 1990. Thirty years later, what hope, if any, do biologists hold for the fate of the spotted owl?

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Racism In The Great Outdoors: Oregon's Natural Spaces Feel Off Limits To Black People

Not everyone has the same access to the Northwest's green spaces. Many Black people felt excluded and unwelcome from a hike in the forests, well before closures meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 Outbreak In Pacific Northwest Seafood Industry As Season Ramps Up

Most of the crew on one massive seafood trawler has tested positive for COVID-19. Other vessels also have cases, despite sweeping measures to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Mount St. Helens' Landscape Changed In An Instant. 40 Years Later It Keeps Evolving.

Mount St. Helens’ story didn’t end when the ash settled and the landslides ground to a halt following the 1980 eruption. It’s still going on today.

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Trump Administration Rejects Endangered Species Protection For Rare Mammal In Oregon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has approved limited Endangered Species Act protections to the Pacific fisher, but not in Oregon, where it says voluntary measures by the timber industry will prevent extinction.

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Oregon Reopens Salmon Fishing On Columbia River For 4 Days

Oregon will reopen recreational salmon and steelhead fishing on the Columbia River for four days after closing the river in late March to follow the state's stay at home order.

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Oregon Wave Energy Project Enters Critical Permitting Phase

Project managers hope to begin construction on the PacWave testing facility later this year.