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Owl Vs. Owl: Should Humans Intervene To Save A Species?

A controversial experiment by the U.S. government is testing whether the northern spotted owl's rapid decline in the Pacific Northwest can be stopped by killing its aggressive East Coast cousin, the barred owl.

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Northwest Tribes Call For Removal Of Lower Columbia River Dams

The Yakama Nation  called Monday for the removal of three lower Columbia River dams, in an effort to save salmon and preserve First Nations’ culture.

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Study: Climate Change Threatens 389 North American Bird Species

A new study from the National Audubon Society says 389 out of 604 North American bird species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

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Proposal To Restore Grizzlies To Washington Draws Hundreds Of Voices

It’s been four years since the federal government initially started asking Washington residents whether they’d like to see more grizzly bears brought into the state. And still, the heated debate continues.

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Can Super-Sized Aquarium Bubblers Save Oxygen-Starved Fish In Oregon?

A group from Oregon Institute of Technology is trying to help Upper Klamath Lake suckers by combining renewable energy and technology more commonly seen in an aquarium.

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Federal Judge Sets Deadlines For Oregon To Redo River Temperature Guidelines

A federal judge says Oregon must develop new plans to keep the state’s rivers from getting too warm for fish.

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Plastic In Your Seafood? Otters And Orcas Have The Same Problem.

Scientists from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia are scrutinizing the marine food chain from top to bottom. Otters, oysters, rockfish and young salmon are all being analyzed for microplastics.

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Cannon Beach Outlaws Feeding Wild Animals

Residents can still feed songbirds as long as they use a secure container that prevents access from other animals.

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Portland Named As A Finalist In Global Climate Action Awards

Portland's Crystal Springs Creek Restoration Project has been named a finalist for a prestigious global award that recognizes cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership.

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Oregon Pushes Action Plan As International Attention Shifts To Climate Impacts On Oceans

As climate scientists warn of significant climate change-related changes to the world's ocean, Oregon pushes action on ocean acidification and hypoxia.