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Uh-Oh, Germany Is Rapidly Running Out Of Beer Bottles

In Germany, beer consumption is up as temperatures remain unusually high. This is good and bad news for the beer industry.

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Oregon Wheat Heading To War-Torn Yemen To Ease Famine

Over the past two weeks, seven ships filled with 176,000 tons (159,665 metric tons) of wheat have left Portland for Yemen, two Oregon politicians said.

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Watch This Native Pollinator Build Her Bee-Jeweled Nest

Research shows that 400 female blue orchard bees are as effective at pollinating almonds as the more than 10,000 bees in a honeybee hive. But they reproduce slowly and are prone to wandering.

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Ben & Jerry's 'Milk With Dignity' Pact With Farmworkers Seems To Be Paying Off

Some workers say wages and living conditions have improved. Farms have also committed to providing five annual paid sick days, five paid vacation days and to meet housing health and safety standards.

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Northwest Huckleberries Could Be Close To Domestication

Wild huckleberries growing across the Northwest have never been domesticated for commercial production, but new research could change that. 

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For Berlin, Invasive Crustaceans Are A Tough Catch And A Tough Sell

Louisiana crawfish have invaded waterways in Germany's capital. Wildlife officials licensed a fisherman to catch them for chefs, hoping a taste for "Berlin Lobster" might control the invasive species.

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A Few More Bad Apples: As The Climate Changes, Fruit Growing Does, Too

Apple growing is a ruthless business obsessed with good looks. Higher temperatures affect every part of of the fruit's life cycle, from more pests to changing color — and can even give them sunburn.

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Joël Robuchon, A Giant In French Cooking, Dies

Robuchon held 32 Michelin stars through his restaurants at the time of his death — more than any other chef in the world.

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Climate Change Threatens Midwest's Wild Rice, A Staple For Native Americans

When harvests are bad, Native Americans in the region may go without rice for the year. And there have been a lot of bad years lately, as climate change causes more frequent and severe rainstorms.

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Diet Hit A Snag? Your Gut Bacteria May Be Partly To Blame

Scientists are learning more about how our gut microbes may influence dieting. A small new study finds successful dieters have a different mix of bacteria than less-successful dieters.