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VIDEO: Watch The Sea Forager Sustainably Harvest The Ocean's Bounty

In sun, sea and sand, Kirk Lombard teaches people how to responsibly fish and forage for dinner along the Northern California coast.

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Bye, Bye, Beer? Brewers Say They've Got A Plan On Climate Change

A scientific paper published this week predicts climate change will send beer prices skyrocketing and drastically reduce the barley crop. It got tons of media attention. But is beer really doomed?

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Not Just For Cows Anymore: New Cottonseed Is Safe For People To Eat

Cottonseed is full of protein but toxic to humans and most animals. The USDA has approved a genetically engineered cotton with edible seeds. They could eventually feed chickens, fish — or even people.

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Siletz Bay Crab Clinic Makes Ocean-To-Table Easy … Sort Of

Bill Lackner holds free clamming and crabbing clinics on Siletz Bay every summer. We tag along and see how it's done.

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Climate Change Could Make Beer Prices Double, Study Says

The price of a six-pack in the U.S. could rise by $1 to $8 because of drought and heat. As one of the researchers says, it's "another way climate change will suck."

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Coffee Rust Threatens Latin American Crop; 150 Years Ago, It Wiped Out An Empire

The fungus, which has no cure, is destroying harvests in Latin America. In the 1800s, it devastated Sri Lanka's powerhouse coffee industry. And scientists say it's only a question of time.

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Sommelier Cheating Scandal Leaves Bitter Taste In The Wine World

Someone apparently revealed secrets about the test for aspiring Master Sommeliers. Organizers can't tell who got the unfair edge, so they dumped results for 23 applicants.

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Oregon Measure 103 Asks: Should Grocers Have Constitutional Protections?

The measure would wall off a segment of Oregon businesses from future tax increases. Advocates say it's about cheap food. Opponents say it's unnecessary and risky.

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Will Americans Embrace A Zeal For Eel? This Maine Entrepreneur Hopes So

Most catches are exported to unagi-loving Asian nations, which pay up to thousands of dollars per pound. But one woman is raising and marketing eels for U.S. buyers: "Why not keep that value at home?"

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Good News For 'Green' Brews: Consumers Say They'll Pay More For Sustainable Beer

More than 1,000 U.S. beer drinkers surveyed say they would pay about $1.30 more for a six-pack of beer if it was produced at a brewery that invests in water conservation or solar power.