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Women's Role In WWI Underplayed At Armistice Weekend

The role women played in the war was only mentioned in passing as dozens of world leaders gathered in Paris to mark a century since WWI ended.

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In Paris, President Trump Stood Alone

At a weekend commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, the president who proudly declares himself a "nationalist" stood apart, even on a continent where his brand of populism is on the rise.

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100 Years After End To WWI, World Warned Of Resurging 'Old Demons'

World leaders with the power to make war but a duty to preserve peace solemnly marked the end of World War I's slaughter 100 years ago at commemorations Sunday that drove home the message "never again" but also exposed the globe's new political fault lines.

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Portland Mayor Wants More Power To Regulate Protests — And Needs Just 1 More Vote To Get It

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is introducing a controversial ordinance that would give him the power to dictate the location and length of protests. He might have the votes to pass it. 

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Egyptian Dignitary Visits OMSI King Tut Exhibit

Egypt’s former minister of antiquities, Zahi Hawass, visited OMSI Tuesday to promote the museum’s new exhibit, The Discovery of King Tut.

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President Trump To Visit Pittsburgh After Deadly Synagogue Shooting

A spokeswoman dismissed suggestions that Trump's rhetoric has contributed to a hostile climate. She said Trump won't shy away from drawing distinctions with Democrats before the midterm elections.

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Joachim Roenneberg, Who Sabotaged Nazis' Nuclear Hopes, Dies At 99

Roenneberg was just 23 when his team of resistance fighters parachuted into a mountain range in Norway. They skied to a plant making heavy water and blew Hitler's atomic plans off-schedule.

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Portland Racial Nonprofit Seeks To Heal Communities With Reparations Power Hour

A Portland racial justice nonprofit gathers people of color together to organize.

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Oregon Appeals Court To Hear Case Contesting Non-Unanimous Juries

The Oregon Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments Thursday in Salem involving the case of an African-American man who was convicted by a non-unanimous jury in 2016.

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100 Years Later, Steamboats Are Still On Klamath Lake

Every year, a group of boating enthusiasts comes to Klamath Lake to blow off steam and build community.