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Pendleton Hotel Owner Hoping Former Den Of Sin Will Get New Life

Being a former brothel isn't usually a selling point. But in the case of Pendleton's Oak Hotel, its owner is hoping its reputation precedes it.

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Thanksgiving Tribe Reclaims Language Lost To Colonization

The Massachusetts tribe whose ancestors shared a Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims nearly 400 years ago is reclaiming its long-lost language, one schoolchild at a time.

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Meet The Man Behind Cannon Beach's Mooing Tsunami Warning, COWS

There was a time when the man behind Cannon Beach’s iconic “mooing” sirens was skeptical about the need for a tsunami warning system.

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Legendary Mountain Climber Fred Beckey Dies At 94

Legendary mountain climber Fred Beckey, who wrote dozens of books and is credited with notching more first ascents than any other American mountaineer, has died. He was 94.

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Tribes In Columbia River Gorge Hit By White House Decision

Members of Congressional delegations from Oregon and Washington state say the Trump administration has walked away from the federal government's obligation to build new homes and villages for Indians whose original abodes were submerged by the building of dams along the Columbia River decades ago.

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Film Documents Tribal Effort To Reclaim Columbia River Tradition

The film follows tribal members who recreated the tradition by getting back on the water on canoes "trying to retrace our history that's been missing for over 75 years."

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Northwest Tribes Say Highway Work Violated Religious Freedoms

Tribal elders from several Northwest tribes are asking a federal judge to rule that the government violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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West Linn Paper Company To Close After 128 Years

West Linn Paper Company, the city's sole industrial business and a staple of the community for 128 years, is shutting its doors.

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Movie Madness To Close? Not If The Hollywood Theatre Can Save It

The nonprofit cinema is launching a campaign to buy one of Portland’s last remaining video stores — and one of the country's largest film collections.

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Restoration Completed Of Cabin Where Washington History Was Made

History buffs, politicians and park rangers gathered Friday to celebrate the restoration of an often overlooked historic site in the Washington State Park system.