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Hundreds Of Roman Gold Coins Found In Theater Basement

The treasure was uncovered in the basement of a historic building in northern Italy, and date to the Roman Empire.

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Archaeology Dig At Police Facility Site Uncovers Clues Of Early Salem

A team of archaeologists — both professional and aspiring — are in the middle of an excavation and data recovery mission on what was one of the first residential blocks in Salem and is now a designated historic site.

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Anonymous Official Cites Trump 'Amorality' In NY Times Op-ed

A senior administration official sounded an alarm Wednesday about President Donald Trump's "amorality" and "impetuous" leadership style in an unsigned opinion piece published in The New York Times.

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Recycling Washington Ghost Ships Could Turn Trash Into Treasure

When a ship owner’s dreams die, the vessel may end up as a pollution source. DNR wants to spur cleanups and rural jobs.  

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When The US Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers

In 1964, a program that brought migrant Mexican laborers to the U.S. ended. So the U.S. recruited American students to pick crops instead. When they saw their living conditions, strikes ensued.

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Wild Totality: Capturing The Solar Eclipse From A Cascade Peak

On the anniversary of the total solar eclipse, "Oregon Field Guide" looks back at a once-in-a-lifetime assignment.

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US Newsrooms To Trump: We're Not Enemies Of The People

The nation's newsrooms are pushing back against President Donald Trump with a coordinated series of newspaper editorials condemning his attacks on "fake news" and suggestion that journalists are the enemy.

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Portland City Council Candidates Talk Race At Forum

The candidates fielded questions from the audience, and it wasn't a debate-style conversation.

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A Sunken Ship From The PNW's Past And The Search To Find It

The first American steamship to provide regular service among Puget Sound ports arrived in 1853. Today, an Oregon-based group wants to find the historic remains of that little steamer.

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End Of An Icon: Historic Nelson House Burned In Substation Fire

For years it stood alone, tucked into a hollow on the high plains of Oregon. Now it's gone. Oregon lost the iconic Charles Nelson House to the ongoing Substation Fire.