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Civil War Re-Enactment To Relocate From Fort Stevens State Park After 27 Years

With suspicions they are no longer welcome after 27 years, organizers of an annual Civil War re-enactment at Fort Stevens State Park — the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest — will relocate.

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Congress Presses BIE Director For Answers On Chemawa, Native Education

Oregon’s federal boarding school for Native Americans drew further scrutiny Wednesday at a hearing on Capitol Hill.

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The Northwest's Ski Jumping Heritage Is Alive In Leavenworth

In the Pacific Northwest, about the only place where beginners can learn big hill ski jumping is in Leavenworth, Washington.

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How A Grassroots Effort In Vancouver Fought Big Oil — And Won

Opposition to fossil fuel ventures is common on the West Coast, but what sets Vancouver apart is the community’s ability to keep up the pressure for years.

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NW Museums Revive Native Artifacts To Tell Richer Stories

Museum curators in the Northwest are now working to update exhibits that focus on the region's indigenous people.

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What’s In A Name? Portland Neighborhood Questions Historic High School Name

Thomas Jefferson High School is a historic pillar of North Portland. But some people are questioning if the founding father is an appropriate figure for the historically African-American high school.

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Hundreds Celebrate Former Portland Mayor Vera Katz's Life

Katz's memorial celebrated her accomplishments, her tenacity, and her extraordinary personal story. 

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Longview Woman, Called Inspiration For Rosie The Riveter, Dies At 96

A woman identified by a scholar as the inspiration for Rosie the Riveter, the iconic female World War II factory worker, has died in Washington.

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Salmonella May Have Caused Massive Aztec Epidemic, Study Finds

The 16th century epidemic, likely set off or exacerbated by European invaders, was one of the most deadly in human history. New evidence traces it to a type of salmonella that causes a deadly fever.

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A Mural On 82nd Avenue And The Art Of Taking Up Space

Alex Chiu struggled to wrap his brain around why the seemingly innocent images in his mural made people so angry. Perhaps it wasn't what the people in his artwork were doing, but the color of their skin.