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More Women Come Forward To Accuse Russell Simmons Of Rape, Sexual Assault

On Wednesday evening, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times published accusations of rape and other sexual assaults that allegedly took place between the 1980s and 2014.

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SoundCloud's New Leader Is Focused On The Fundamentals

Kerry Trainor, who replaced co-founder Alex Ljung as CEO in August, tells NPR that SoundCloud is not trying to compete with Spotify, saying creators are his main focus.

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FCC Repeals 'Net Neutrality' Rules For Internet Providers

After a brief security evacuation, the agency voted to undo Obama-era regulations that prohibit cable and telecom companies from blocking access to websites and apps or influencing how fast they load.

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OPB's 2017 Photos Of The Year

A look back at some of the most transcending images from the biggest stories of the year.


The 100 Best Songs Of 2017

NPR Music's list of the 100 best songs of 2017.


The 50 Best Albums Of 2017

NPR Music's list of the 50 best albums of 2017.

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Smithereens Lead Singer Pat DiNizio Dies At Age 62

Pat DiNizio, a singer and songwriter who made popular rock songs as the leader of The Smithereens, died on Tuesday, his fellow band members say.

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How To Survive Playing To An Empty Room And Other Advice For A Band's First Tour

Blame the Youth, a North Carolina band, is getting ready to embark on its first tour. Lead singer and bassist Amber Daniel talks to Kam Franklin of The Suffers, who began touring three years ago.


Don't Call Me Honey: In 2017, Women Confronted The Deep Roots Of Rock's Boys Club

Some of the best rock music of 2017 was made by women reckoning with a fundamental destructive truth of the genre: that it promises freedom to young female listeners but withholds actual liberation.

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3 Major Deals Point To A Maturing, And Global, Music Startup Landscape

Two acquisitions and one equity-sharing deal could show that the music business, long known for its insularity, has fully entered a new era.