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Naval Commanders In 2 Deadly Ship Collisions To Be Charged With Negligent Homicide


A total of 17 crew members were killed. The two incidents called into question the Navy's training procedures and preparation.

How To Parent From Prison And Other Advice For Life Inside


Johnathon Shillings just got out of prison. He talks to Macario Gonzales Jr., who is currently serving seven years, about how to be the father his daughters deserve — and avoid becoming a target.

How Prosecutors Changed The Odds To Start Winning Some Of The Toughest Rape Cases


The sexual assault of a person with an intellectual disability is the one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute, but some prosecutors are tackling the tricky cases.

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Veteran Sues After Scalpel Found Inside His Body 4 Years After Surgery

"It's a level of incompetence that's almost incomprehensible," the plaintiff's lawyer tells NPR. The surgical instrument had been causing him abdominal pain for four years before it was discovered.

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DOJ Plans To Ask The Supreme Court To Intervene On DACA

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants the high court to reverse a decision out of California forcing the government to resume accepting DACA applications. He said the ruling defies common sense.

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We Asked, You Answered: What Shaped Trump's View Of Poor Countries?

Is it fair to make a connection between the president's comments and the way aid groups and the media portray poverty? Our readers weigh in.

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Turning Soybeans Into Diesel Fuel Is Costing Us Billions

The law that requires America to turn some of its soybeans into diesel fuel for trucks has created a new industry. But it's costing American consumers about $5 billion each year.


Gymnastics Doctor's Victims Speak, As Simone Biles Says She Was Also Abused

Women began speaking in court on Tuesday about the devastating impact of abuse at the hands of sports doctor and admitted sexual assaulter Larry Nassar. The list of accusers is growing longer.

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Homeland Security Secretary Says She 'Did Not Hear' Trump Use 'That' Vulgar Word

At a contentious congressional testimony, Kirstjen Nielsen said under oath said President Trump and others used "tough language" on immigration, but not a particular


'I Would Call That Torture': Couple Arrested After Kids Found 'Shackled' At Home

Authorities said a daughter who managed to escape and dial 911 alerted police to the house of horrors in a Los Angeles suburb: 12 of her siblings, restrained in "dark and foul-smelling surroundings."

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Oregon, 20 Other States, Challenge Repeal Of Net Neutrality

Oregon has joined 20 other states and the District of Columbia in launching a legal challenge of the Federal Communications Commission's decision Dec. 14 to repeal a rule barring internet providers from blocking or charging more for access to one website over another.


Mormon Church Names Russell M. Nelson As New Leader

"My brethren of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles laid hands upon my hands, ordained me, set me apart as president of the church. It was a sacred and humbling experience," Nelson said Tuesday.

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Students Across D.C. Graduated Despite Chronic Absences, An Investigation Finds

An official investigation into Ballou High School and other high schools in the District of Columbia found that students received diplomas despite missing more than 30 days in at least one class.