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Safety Of Hanford Steel Questioned By Department Of Energy

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The U.S. Department of Energy wants to know exactly what grade of steel is being used in a massive radioactive waste treatment plant at the decommissioned nuclear site. 

Trump Continues Barrage Against Special Counsel Mueller, Fired FBI Deputy McCabe


Congressional Republicans would not go as far as the president. Sen. Marco Rubio said he remained confident that special counsel Robert Mueller is "fair and thorough" and will "arrive at the truth."

Snapchat's Stock Sinks After Rihanna Denounces Domestic Violence Ad


The ad asked would you rather "slap Rihanna" or "punch Chris Brown." Snapchat pulled the ad, but its stock prices were still down by week's end.

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Is It Time To Bring Risk Back Into Our Kids' Playgrounds?

Are playgrounds in the U.S. too sterile and risk-averse to help our kids thrive? Anthropologist Barbara J. King considers play and child development in evolutionary perspective.

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For Compulsive Hair Pullers And Skin Pickers, There Is Need For More Help

This writer has struggled with compulsive hair pulling and skin picking since she was young. For her and others who suffer, there are only mildly effective treatments, though new efforts are underway.

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Don't Call This Rebel On Wheels An 'Angel From Above'

Maryangel Garcia Ramos, a Mexican disability activist, isn't afraid to call out TV execs, rock out in front of the stage at a Killers concert and stand up to her country's machismo culture.

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Transgender Teachers: In Their Own Voices

We asked transgender educators around the country to share a selfie, and tell us what they wish others knew about them. Many say they play vital roles in creating safe spaces for the next generation.


All Victims Recovered In Miami Bridge Collapse, Police Say

Police recovered five bodies from the wreckage Saturday and said a sixth person died at the hospital. Florida International University said engineers met hours before the collapse to discuss safety.


Trump's Attorney Seeks $20 Million In Damages From Stormy Daniels

Lawyer Michael Cohen has escalated the legal battle with the actress who was paid not to repeat claims that she had an affair with the president.


U.S. Cities Awash In Green To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Nancy Pence and his mother Nancy Pence-Fritsch joined Savannah, Ga. for its annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, and The White House fountain was once again dyed green.

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Facebook Suspends Political Data Firm Used In Trump Campaign

Cambridge Analytica concedes it improperly received Facebook users' personal information, but denies using it for the campaign. Facebook said the company may not have deleted the data as promised.

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Justice Department Fires Embattled FBI Deputy Director Just Short Of Retirement

Andrew McCabe was set to leave the bureau and start collecting his pension on Sunday but he was fired anyway — after more than a year as a GOP political target, and more than 20 years with the FBI.

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The Big Student Walkout; DeVos On School Safety; The First Amendment On Campus

A month after Parkland, the nation's focus remains on school safety. Plus, long rides to school in our weekly roundup of education news.