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Trump Administration Says Entire Affordable Care Act Should Be Repealed


A letter from the Department of Justice announced the shift, in support of a district court judge's ruling that the law is unconstitutional. The case will likely end up in the Supreme Court.

Bump Stock Ban Takes Effect As Gun Rights Groups Ask Supreme Court For Delay


Anyone selling or owning bump stocks could face up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. The devices are now classified as machine guns.

Why Hasn't The Gig Economy Killed Traditional Work?


Recent studies suggest we're not witnessing the dawn of a new gig economy. What accounts for the resilience of traditional employment?

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Sparkle Unicorns And Fart Ninjas: What Parents Can Do About Gendered Toys

Toys are more pink and blue than ever before, experts say. But before you ban the sparkle unicorns and foam-dart blasters, consider other ways to help kids expand their play possibilities.

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Trump's National Emergency Stands As House Fails To Override Veto

The vote means the administration can continue to spend billions of dollars to construct a Southwest border wall. The fight shifts to federal court, where several states sued to block the president.


Missile Defense Agency Claims Successful Warhead Intercept

Multiple interceptors tracked and destroyed a missile carrying a dummy warhead. Advocates claim the test proves the system can provide some defense against countries such as North Korea.


Manhunt Underway After North Carolina Jailbreak

Five men escaped from the Nash County Detention Center by sneaking through a hole in the exercise yard fencing. Two of the men were captured late Monday night; three are still at large.

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Trump Administration Dims Rule On Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

The Trump administration wants to reverse a rule designed to make light bulbs more efficient. Environmental groups say the change will cost consumers and waste energy.

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Prosecutors Drop All Charges Against 'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett

The television star, who is black and gay, had been accused of filing a false police report that he was a victim of a possible hate crime. Now, his lawyers say "his record as been wiped clean."

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NASA Scraps First All-Female Spacewalk For Want Of A Medium-Sized Spacesuit

Two female astronauts were set to become the first women to spacewalk together around the International Space Station this week. But they both wear medium spacesuits, and only one was space-ready.


A Surge Of Migrants Strains Border Patrol As El Paso Becomes Latest Hot Spot

The Border Patrol is bringing in more agents and asking the Pentagon for help as thousands of migrants continue to cross the U.S.-Mexico border each day.

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The U.S. Pledges A Harder Line In Cyberspace — And Drops Some Hints

Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, head of the secretive National Security Agency and Cyber Command, is promising more aggressive cybermeasures against rivals. And he's talking about it — at least a little.

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Green New Deal Vote Sets Up Climate Change As Key 2020 Issue

The GOP-controlled Senate will vote on a Democratic resolution led by New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that calls for the U.S. to reach zero net carbon emissions within 10 years.