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The Goldfish Tariff: Fancy Pet Fish Among The Stranger Casualties Of The Trade War


China is considered the motherland of aquarium goldfish, bred over centuries into rare forms. Now tariffs have some U.S. sellers of these goldfish in a tailspin.

The War On Terror, Through The Eyes Of 3 Women At The CIA


After the 2001 al-Qaida attacks, the CIA ramped up counterterrorism operations. This included a surge in young, female recruits. Three have written new books about their secretive work.

He, She, They: Workplaces Adjust As Gender Identity Norms Change


As more people identify themselves as neither categorically male or female, some employers are making changes to neutralize references to gender in everything from name tags to bathrooms.

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White House Reportedly Replaced Ukraine Policy Staff With 'Three Amigos'

Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney called a meeting which resulted in the replacement of the administration's Ukraine team with people considered more reliable, according to an account of a deposition.

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3 Major Drug Distributors Reportedly Negotiating $18B Opioid Settlement

A new study estimates that the opioid epidemic has cost the U.S. economy about $631 billion due to health care costs and the unrealized lifetime earnings of people who died of overdoses.


Then-National Security Adviser Called Rudy Giuliani 'A Hand Grenade' On Ukraine

Former White House aide Fiona Hill told impeachment investigators on Monday that she and former Trump advisor John Bolton were troubled by actions by the president's private lawyer.

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Trump Administration Moves To Expand Logging In Nation's Largest National Forest

The U.S. Forest Service is proposing to end a nearly two-decade long limit on logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Local officials have pushed for looser restrictions to boost the economy.

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Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio Wants Transportation Secretary Investigated

Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio wants an investigation into whether Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — particularly when it comes to her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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U.S. 'Show Of Force' After Turkish-Backed Fighters Get Too Close To Base In Syria

The announcement from the White House comes little more than a week after President Trump appeared to acquiesce to Ankara's decision to target U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria.

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Your Guide To The Massive (And Massively Complex) Opioid Litigation

The largest-ever federal action related to the U.S. opioid crisis is on the cusp of its first trial next week — and it's complicated. So here's a brief(ish) explainer breaking it all down.

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Salvador Dalí Etching Stolen From San Francisco Gallery In 'Snatch And Run'

Surveillance footage shows a young man casually walking away with the $20,000 work, one in a series that's seen as poking fun at both Pablo Picasso and the Spanish tradition of bullfighting.


Fort Worth Interim Police Chief 'Deeply Sorry' For Fatal Shooting

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was shot and killed in the confines of her own home by police officer Aaron Dean, who resigned Monday. Dean has been charged with murder.

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Trump's Former Russia Adviser Testifies As Part Of Impeachment Inquiry

Fiona Hill, a British-born American foreign affairs expert, resigned as the president's top Russia analyst just days before the president's controversial call with his Ukrainian counterpart.