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West Coast Pumpkin Regatta Features Boats Carved Out Of Giant Gourds

Every year, gourd enthusiasts gather for the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta, where participants racing across the Tualatin Lake of the Commons in kayaks made of — yes — giant, hollowed pumpkins.

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A Couple’s Labor Of Love Keeps Wilderness Trails Open For Others

After wildland fires destroyed the trails of a little-known wilderness, people said they'd never be rebuilt. One young couple refused to accept that answer.

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100 Years Later, Steamboats Are Still On Klamath Lake

Every year, a group of boating enthusiasts comes to Klamath Lake to blow off steam and build community.

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Backcountry Huts Draw Skiers Into A 3-Day Three Sisters Adventure

Three beginning skiers take on a 22-mile trek through the Three Sisters backcountry. A unique hut system makes this three-day trip attainable, safer and certainly more comfortable.

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The Search Is On For Every Bee Species In Oregon

No one knows just what bee species live in Oregon, which means we can’t even begin to track if they’re declining. A statewide project wants to change that.

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PSU Launches Research Centers To 'Change The World'

It's not often a university suggests a new research effort could potentially change the world. PSU says two of its own might.

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Vancouver Unveils New Waterfront At Grand Opening

Thousands of people gathered Saturday on the shore of the Columbia River to celebrate the grand opening of the much-anticipated Vancouver Waterfront park.  

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Narrative In Virtual Reality: Oregon Studios Head For Next Level

Several content makers in the region are working on vanguard films and animations made to be experienced in virtual reality. Now, if only the market would catch up.

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Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Safety Rules For Oil Trains

The Trump administration has finalized a roll back of Obama-era regulations for oil trains.

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Oregon Capitol's Flowering Cherry Trees May Come Down

State officials say the trees’ roots might be causing damage to the roof of the underground parking structure below. If so, the trees will need to be removed.