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How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes?

The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of active volcanoes. How dangerous are they?

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As Oregon Grows, So Does Its Demand For Ethnic Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can provide some hints into who lives — and doesn’t live — in a neighborhood. As Oregon gets more diverse, the demand for ethnic grocery stores grows.

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'The Four Top': Karen Karbo | Katie Pratt | Alex Prud'homme

What made the love story of Julia and Paul Child so unique? Next, what would photographer Paul Child think of today's Instagram-food-photo craze? And finally, we discuss how we can all live life to the fullest à la the Childs.

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Central Oregon's Top Employers Are Mostly Small Businesses

Almost 80 percent of Central Oregon residents are employed by small businesses.

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Oregon Agriculture Department Will Lead Trade Mission To China Amid Federal Uncertainty

The trade mission comes despite efforts by the Trump Administration to beef up trade tariffs targeted at China. 

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How Do You Want Your Smoke?

There’s broad agreement that fire plays a vital role in forest ecology in the West. Many of our problems with severe wildfires can be traced, at least in part, to a century of putting fires out, rather than letting them clean up excess forest fuels.

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Why Are Bridges Green? The Story Starts In Oregon

Bridges all across the country are painted the same shade of Statue-of-Liberty green. It's a tradition that started right here in Oregon: meet ODOT Green.

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Officials Find Illegally Shot Deer; Perpetrators Still At Large

Two deer illegally shot with arrows in the Shady Cove area of southwest Oregon have been found and their wounds treated.

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Portland Ride-Hailing Drivers Call For A Transportation Board

Ride-hailing drivers want the City of Portland to set up a transportation board to help them with wage, safety and transparency issues.

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'The Four Top': Jim Meehan | Jeffrey Morgenthaler | Jacob Grier

What is proper bar etiquette? What's the best way to design a bar? And what are the hidden costs of running a bar?