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Fire In Silver Falls State Park Grows To 12 Acres

A wildfire burning in a remote area of Silver Falls State Park had grown to 12 acres Saturday morning, officials said.

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Protester Scales Statue of Liberty's Base, Forces Evacuation

A woman protesting U.S. immigration policy climbed the Statue of Liberty's base and forced the monument's evacuation on the Fourth of July hours after several other demonstrators had hung a banner on the statue's pedestal and had been arrested.

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Multnomah County Sues Government Over Federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Grant Criteria

It's suing over new criteria for obtaining federal sex education grants, arguing the new criteria prioritizes applicants who promote abstinence-only sex education programs.

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Parents Separated From Children At Southwest Border Headed To Pacific Northwest Prisons

Some of the parents separated from their children while seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border will end up in federal prisons in Oregon and Washington. 

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More Than 100 Feared Dead After Plane Crashes Near Havana Airport

The Boeing 737 crashed midday Friday near José Martí International Airport. "There is a high number of people who appear to have died," Cuban President Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said.

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Kim, Moon Pledge Denuclearization Of Peninsula And End To Korean War

North Korea's Kim Jong Un and South Koreas Moon Jae-in met at the border village of Panmunjom for the first inter-Koreas summit in more than a decade.

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In Oregon Labor Race, Competing Philosophies And Rising Tensions

Val Hoyle and Lou Ogden are vying for a nonpartisan position, but you might not know it from the tenor of the race. 

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Amidst Opioid Crisis, A Search For Alternatives

The opioid epidemic has spurred a movement in medicine to find alternatives. Many in the medical profession are more open to using non-opioid drugs that are safer.

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¿Es El Cerebro De Su Niña O Niño Un Músculo O Una Máquina?

Jason es bueno en ciertas materias escolares y actividades y prefiere hacerlas, sobre aquellas tareas que no son naturales para él. Por el contrario, su compañero de clase Austin dice que le gusta cuando tiene que "trabajar arduamente" para lograr algo.

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¿Con Tantos Idiomas En Nuestra Escuela, Cúal Vamos A Enseñar?

Cuando los niños del proyecto Clase del 2025 iniciaban el primer grado de primaria. Sus maestros en su escuela, estaban empezando un nuevo método de enseñanza del idioma inglés.