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On Public Lands, Visitors Surge While Federal Management Funds Decline

Western towns surrounded by and dependent upon public lands are forced to get creative as federal recreation budgets continue a slow decline. They are boosting local efforts to maintain public access.

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The Uncertain Fate Of The Canby Ferry

The Canby Ferry is a piece of Oregon history, but it's also costing Clackamas County about $400,000 a year. The county is trying to figure out if it can make up the difference.

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Peter Kaiser Takes 1st In Iditarod — Marking A Win For Alaskan Natives

Kaiser is the first musher of Yup'ik descent to win the Iditarod sled dog race. His win is a significant point of pride for Alaska's indigenous people.

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Trump Enacts Sweeping Public Lands Protections With His Signature

President Trump signs into law new public lands and rivers protections, including the designation of a new Devil's Staircase Wilderness in Oregon.

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Running Oregon's Wild And Scenic Rogue River In A Classic Way

Wooden drift boats are works of art. So why take one down the rocky Rogue River?

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Permits Again Required For Weekends On Dog Mountain Trail This Spring

Hikers hoping to view the spectacular spring wildflowers of Dog Mountain during the spring will once again be required to purchase a special permit.  The permits, which began last year on the highly popular trail on the Washington side of the Gorge, went on sale Friday.  They'll be required for anyone hiking on weekends between April 20 to June 16 this year.  The permit system began last year in response to growing safety concerns about congestion and accidents near the Dog Mountain Trailhead, officials said.

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The Way Deer Escape Wolves Could Change How Hunters Hunt

As wolves return to the Northwest, deer have taken notice. Researchers found deer in Washington change how they react when wolves are near – and that could eventually change how hunters hunt.

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Turns Earned: Saving Mount Hood's Historic Backcountry Ski Cabin

Some remote cabins are for solo retreats – not this one. Staying at Tilly Jane A-Frame is a shared experience. And sharing it has saved it.

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Oregon Cannabis Cafes Face Battle Over Indoor Smoking

Lawmakers will hold a public hearing Thursday on whether to allow cannabis cafes in Oregon. But permitting indoor smoking is a tall order.

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Oregon State Parks To Adjust Rates After Record-Setting Year

Oregon state parks had more than 2.8 million visitors last year. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is looking to adjust rates on some parks to persuade people to visit less-popular spots.