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Popular Columbia River Gorge Trails Reopen After Eagle Creek Fire

For the first time since the Eagle Creek Fire, six miles of the Historic Columbia River Highway and several popular trails near Multnomah Falls have reopened, officials announced Friday.

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TriMet Clarifies Fare Enforcement Authority

TriMet Board of Directors passes ordinance that failed to receive unanimous support at previous meeting.

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West Coast Pumpkin Regatta Features Boats Carved Out Of Giant Gourds

Every year, gourd enthusiasts gather for the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta, where participants racing across the Tualatin Lake of the Commons in kayaks made of — yes — giant, hollowed pumpkins.

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A Couple’s Labor Of Love Keeps Wilderness Trails Open For Others

After wildland fires destroyed the trails of a little-known wilderness, people said they'd never be rebuilt. One young couple refused to accept that answer.

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Siletz Bay Crab Clinic Makes Ocean-To-Table Easy … Sort Of

Bill Lackner holds free clamming and crabbing clinics on Siletz Bay every summer. We tag along and see how it's done.

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Backcountry Huts Draw Skiers Into A 3-Day Three Sisters Adventure

Three beginning skiers take on a 22-mile trek through the Three Sisters backcountry. A unique hut system makes this three-day trip attainable, safer and certainly more comfortable.

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Boy Scouts 'Boot Camp' For Girls Paves Trail For Coed Scouting

A Western Washington chapter of the Boy Scouts of America is preparing to welcome girls to scouting with a "boot camp" just for teenage girls this coming weekend.

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Wildlife Officials Conclude They Killed The Cougar Responsible For Hiker's Death

Oregon officials are ending the search for cougars in the Mount Hood area where a hiker was fatally attacked. They say all evidence shows they killed the correct cougar a week ago.

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Yakima Valley Farmers Fight For The Future Of A Cascades Lake

Climate change is forcing us to rethink how we use lakes as water reservoirs. That's creating conflict between east-of-the-Cascades farmers and recreation-seekers from the urban westside.