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Oregon Wave Energy Testing Project Moves Forward

The Oregon State University project is designed to speed up the development of wave energy technology in the United States.

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To Drive Eagles Away From Deadly Wind Turbines, Researchers Turn To Sound

Researchers are working on new ways to keep birds – particularly eagles – away from deadly wind turbine blades by using audio and visual signals.

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Large Grid Storage Project Near Klamath Falls Gets Federal Approval

The $800 million project in southern Oregon gets the greenlight as its developers plan to start a larger, similar project in south-central Washington.

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Environmental Groups Oppose New Gas Project At Oregon Mega-Dairy

Environmental groups are asking Oregon regulators to deny the air pollution permit for a project that would turn cow manure into renewable natural gas.

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Washington Utility Eager To Branch Into Hydrogen Fuel Production

It would be the first of a group of power companies in the Pacific Northwest to use their dams to make "renewable hydrogen."

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Green New Deal Vote Sets Up Climate Change As Key 2020 Issue

The GOP-controlled Senate will vote on a Democratic resolution led by New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that calls for the U.S. to reach zero net carbon emissions within 10 years.

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Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

If approved and built, the Swan Lake North pumped hydro storage project in southern Oregon would be the largest energy storage project in the Pacific Northwest.

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Oregon’s Small-Scale Nuclear Company Looks To Build 1st Plant In Idaho

Oregon-based NuScale Power is on track to build its first plant using small, modular nuclear reactors at the Idaho National Laboratory site.

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Cattle Grazing Gives Way To Big Solar Farm Leases In Central Washington

A Portland-based energy developer has signed property leases for a big solar farm in Klickitat County near the Columbia River. When completed, the solar project will be the largest in Washington.

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Washington Clean Fuels Bill Clears Its 1st Big Hurdle

Washington could soon join the ranks of its West Coast neighbors, requiring fuels at the pump that produce less carbon pollution. A low-carbon fuels bill passed its first big test Monday.