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Northwest Tribes Call For Removal Of Lower Columbia River Dams

The Yakama Nation  called Monday for the removal of three lower Columbia River dams, in an effort to save salmon and preserve First Nations’ culture.

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Portland Company Builds First Of Its Kind Renewable Wave Energy Device

Portland manufacturing company Vigor completed the construction of an Ireland-based company's renewable wave energy device.

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PacifiCorp Plan To Move Away From Coal Exposes Deep Divide Among Western States

PacifiCorp’s new plan to cut coal and ramp up renewables has to bridge the gulf between Rocky Mountain states that produce and burn coal and West Coast states that are disowning it.

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Can Super-Sized Aquarium Bubblers Save Oxygen-Starved Fish In Oregon?

A group from Oregon Institute of Technology is trying to help Upper Klamath Lake suckers by combining renewable energy and technology more commonly seen in an aquarium.

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Proposed Oregon Ballot Measures Could Open New Front In Greenhouse Gas War

New proposals would ask Oregon voters to approve steep restrictions in the state's carbon emissions. The effort could apply pressure to lawmakers and industry groups. 

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Solar Manufactured Homes Concept Wins National Award For Portland Firm

Phase3 Photovoltaics has won $500,000 in a national competition by devising a way to build solar panels into manufactured homes. It’s a way to help less affluent people turn to solar power.

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Oregon Pushes Action Plan As International Attention Shifts To Climate Impacts On Oceans

As climate scientists warn of significant climate change-related changes to the world's ocean, Oregon pushes action on ocean acidification and hypoxia.

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Oregon Governor Preserves Dam Money, Irrigation Bill At Veto Deadline

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown decided not to veto money for a dam project in Newport nor a bill easing ditch-clearing rules for irrigators.

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Oregon Wave Energy Testing Project Moves Forward

The Oregon State University project is designed to speed up the development of wave energy technology in the United States.

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To Drive Eagles Away From Deadly Wind Turbines, Researchers Turn To Sound

Researchers are working on new ways to keep birds – particularly eagles – away from deadly wind turbine blades by using audio and visual signals.