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All-electric Commuter Plane Begins Flight Testing In Moses Lake

A Cessna commuter plane retrofitted in Washington has taken the crown of the biggest all-electric airplane now flying.

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Oregon Wave Energy Project Enters Critical Permitting Phase

Project managers hope to begin construction on the PacWave testing facility later this year.

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Pollution Regulators Deny Petition To Crack Down On Oregon’s Non-Road Diesel Emissions

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission denied a petition Wednesday that would have regulated non-road diesel emissions as multiple programs are already working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Feds Reject Calls To Remove 4 Snake River Dams, A Plan Aimed At Saving Salmon

Environmental groups who have pushed for years for the dams to come down to help salmon recover immediately blasted the report.

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With Oregon Republicans Ready To Walk Out, Gov. Brown Tries To Bargain

GOP state senators could flee the Capitol next week to block a climate bill. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has been trying to keep them in the building. 

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Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change, Planet's 'Biggest Threat'

Amazon, the company Bezos founded and heads, has come under increasing scrutiny for its own carbon footprint.

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How The Big Oregon Timber Deal Came Together, And How It Could Fall Apart

This week started off on a celebratory note in Salem, but the good feelings didn't last long. 

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Oregon's EV Rebate Program Running Again For Lower-Income Car Buyers

Oregon will begin processing Charge Ahead rebate applications from lower income Oregonian drivers who purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Sifting Sands: Volunteers Take On Microplastics At Oregon Coast

How do you clean all the sand on a beach? A group of volunteers didn’t do it grain by grain, but took on the task screen by screen.

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Sticker Shock: The Grid Is At Capacity For Solar Power In Parts Of Oregon

As Oregon's grid reaches its capacity to accept solar power in some parts of the state, rooftop solar customers are getting stuck with the bill for expensive upgrades.