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Central Oregon Schools Look To Grow Emotional Learners

What do lemonade and neutral-colored walls have to do with a kindergartener's readiness to learn? It's part of how central Oregon schools are teaching the youngest students the basics of emotional learning.

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New Secretary Of State Says Oregon Still Failing To Fix Graduation Rate

A new Secretary of State report provides an update on the state's efforts to improve graduation rates.

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2 Youth Suicides Change A Small Oregon Town

A central Oregon community heals after the deaths of two young men.

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Vancouver Parents Sue, Settle Over Restraint And Isolation Of Disabled Children

In the 2016-17 school year, Vancouver Public Schools restrained students an average of once an hour, every day of school that year.

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What Oregon Can Learn From Tennessee's Child Welfare Approach

The Oregon child welfare system is in crisis. But now there's some optimism that a shift in mentality — and resources — could help alleviate some of the state’s troubles. Tennessee offers hope. 

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More Than 50 Teachers And Staff Could Be Cut At Vancouver Schools

Vancouver Public Schools says it will need to cut more than 50 teacher and staff positions to help close a $14.3 million budget deficit.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The $22 Billion Question: Understanding PERS

This week, we’re bringing you something special: Our friends at "Think Out Loud" have spent months trying to understand Oregon’s deeply troubled public employee retirement system.  

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After More Shootings, Students Doubt Effects Of School Security

Student voices from Central Oregon: 'Our school is doing a lot to prevent gun violence, but they’re not doing the right things.'

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Oregon Class Size Bill Misses Key Legislative Deadline

An effort led by Oregon teachers to bring class size into contract negotiations appears to have failed. 

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Congress Presses BIE Director For Answers On Chemawa, Native Education

Oregon’s federal boarding school for Native Americans drew further scrutiny Wednesday at a hearing on Capitol Hill.