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Oregon's US Senators Join Call To Reject LNG-By-Rail Rules

Both of Oregon’s U.S. senators expressed concern on Tuesday over the Trump administration’s proposed rule to transport liquefied natural gas by rail lines.

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Staff Picks: The Most Important Stories OPB Reported 2019

We've chased wild horses, explored a trade war's impact on the Northwest and investigated the Oregon foster care system's failures. Here are OPB's most important stories of 2019.

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Investigation Alleges Decades Of Sexual Misconduct By Teachers At Catlin Gabel School 

A yearlong investigation released Wednesday has found 21 former employees at Catlin Gabel have been accused of sexual impropriety, ranging from abuse to boundary crossing.

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Schools Plan, Businesses Worry – An Old Timber Town Prepares For Oregon’s New Tax

Oregon’s new business tax goes into effect Jan. 1. It’s meant to raise $1 billion a year for education. It’s an opportunity for schools, but it’s prompted mixed reactions from businesses. 

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Lebanon High School Investigating Blackface Incident At Halloween Fundraiser

Craig Swanson, the principal of Lebanon High School, said the students were operating a haunted barn and were supposed to be “as dark as possible” in order to go virtually unseen inside the haunted barn. Swanson said the school is “still investigating” whether the students were explicitly told to darken their skin. 

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Still No Deal For Workers At Oregon’s Public Universities, Possible Strike Monday

With a strike planned Monday, university workers and management continue to negotiate a contract.

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FoodCorps Members Serve Lessons On Nutrition And Food

About 240 members of a service program will soon be in the classroom, educating kids about food. At a recent staff training in Portland, service members learned how to bring fruits and vegetables into the classroom.  

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Bones In The Schoolyard Expose Woodburn Students To Hands-On Paleontology

Forget dissecting frogs. These high school students get to excavate ancient bones, some of which are from species that have been extinct for thousands of years.

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Corbett Schools: The Promise & Peril Of Luring Students From Other Districts

The Corbett School District has long relied on students who transfer in, and the money that comes with them. With the end of Oregon's open enrollment law, the Corbett community wants to see change.

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After Tumultuous Week, Oregon Senate Passes Historic School Funding Bill

Senate Republicans' return to the Capitol allowed a vote on a $2 billion business tax. It passed in a party-line vote.