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Environment | News | Transportation | local | Unprepared: Will We Be Ready For The Megaquake In Oregon?

Pace Of Seismic Retrofits Picks Up To Help Drivers Get Around After 'The Big One'

Oregon and Washington officials have identified hundreds of bridges that still need to be replaced or retrofitted to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake from the offshore Cascadia fault zone. But the pace of highway reinforcements is picking up.

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Portland Approves 20 Mph Speed Limit In Residential Zones

The ordinance is part of the city's Vision Zero goal, which aims to reduce traffic-related deaths on Portland roads to zero by 2025.

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Buying An Electric Car In Oregon Or Washington? Tax Incentives Are Changing

If you're considering buying an electric car in Oregon or Washington, you might want to pay attention to possible changes in tax policy.

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Amtrak Gives Oregon, Washington Timetable For Activating PTC

Amtrak's CEO has given Oregon and Washington state officials a timeline for when the company will activate automatic safety braking systems in the...

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Sale Of Clark County's C-Tran Paper Tickets Ends Soon

Sales end in December at area grocery stores and will sunset for good next month.

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What We Know: Amtrak Safety Culture In Question After Crash

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about why the Amtrak 501 train hit a 30 mile per hour curve at nearly 80 miles per hour. But here’s a snapshot of what we do know.

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Witness, Survivor Describe Scene Of Chaos As Train Derailed

When Monday’s inaugural trip of the Amtrak Cascades train along its new route crashed south of Tacoma, the lives of hundreds of people were thrown into chaos.

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Rail Advocates Remember Zack Willhoite And Jim Hamre, Killed On Amtrak 501

Two men who died Monday when a train derailed near Tacoma have been identified.  They were both passionate transit advocates from Washington state who were celebrating Amtrak’s new route.

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Judge Strikes Down Parts Of Gov. Inslee's Clean Air Rule

Gov. Jay Inslee’s attempt to lower Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions has suffered a setback:  A judge's ruling that the state can't implement parts of his signature Clean Air Rule.

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How Life-Saving PTC Technology Works — And Why It Didn't Stop Amtrak Crash

Positive Train Control is a technology meant to override possible human error that can lead to train derailments. But Congress has delayed its implementation.