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Protesters Overflow Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline Hearing

A crowd estimated at more than 1,000 attended the state hearing surrounding concerns about the large quantities of soil that would need to be removed and replaced to install the proposed three-foot wide pipeline, spanning 229 miles across the state.

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Potent Windstorm Causes Widespread Power Outages, Sewage Spill

One power outage triggered a sewage spill near a pump station on the west side of Northwest 36th Avenue in Felida near the bridge that spans Salmon Creek, according to Clark County Public Works.

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Vancouver Fined $60,000 For 2017 Columbia River Sewage Spills

Washington state officials have fined the city of Vancouver $60,000 after nearly 600,000 gallons of sewage was released into the Columbia River in 2017.

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Oregon Offers Online Resource For Potential Flooding Around The State

Riverside property owners, anglers and others with interest in stream levels around Oregon have a new way to check for potential flooding.

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6 Years, 2 Missed Deadlines, And Still Yakima Valley's Water Needs Cleaned Up

The Yakima Valley used to be known for its cold, refreshing drinking water. But decades of intensive agricultural production have left residents — especially those working the farms — with a tainted water source.

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Federal Judge Orders Stronger Cold-Water Fish Protections In Oregon Rivers

A federal judge has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to rewrite its pollution cleanup plans for Oregon rivers.

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Study Finds Eugene Mussel Population Reproducing

A recent study has found a large population of mussels that live in the Willamette River near Maurie Jacobs Park is reproducing.

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Trump EPA Proposes Big Changes To Federal Water Protections

The Trump administration wants to substantially limit which waterways are protected under the Clean Water Act. Farmers and developers have long lobbied against the current rule as too expansive.

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Scent Research Could Help More Salmon Find Their Way Home

Southern Oregon’s Elk River has a problem. Salmon produced in a fish hatchery there aren’t returning to spawn. One scientist believes she has a solution … leading the salmon by the nose.

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Audit Flags Problems With Portland’s Environmental Agency

The Bureau of Environmental Services is spending millions on projects aimed at improving water quality and restoring wildlife habitat, but auditors found the bureau often can’t prove it's meeting its goals.