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Federal Court: Klamath Basin Tribal Water Rights Outrank Farmers' Rights

A federal appeals court has found that the water rights of Klamath Basin tribes take priority over those of farmers who sued the federal government in 2001 for reducing their irrigation water supply after a dry year.

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Low-Water Hazards Prompt Limited Use Of Willamette Valley Reservoirs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are limiting access to Willamette Valley reservoirs and warning users of potential hazards due to low water levels.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The Rising Cost Of Pristine Water

The Portland region is headed for big fights over how it gets its water.

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Portland City Council Hears Concern Over Water Filtration Project Costs, Delays Design Vote

The council agreed to continue the debate until next week, and postpone voting on the design contract for at least another week.

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Scientists Discover Microplastics In Oregon Oysters And Razor Clams

Nowhere is safe from these tiny plastic particles. And yes, they may have come from your clothing.

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The Death And Life Of Iran's Lake Urmia

The massive lake has dried out because of water mismanagement. Photographer Maximilian Mann traveled to northwest Iran to document the disappearing body of water and the people who depend on it.

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Feds Propose PNW Habitat Protections For Orcas And Humpback Whales

The designations would require an extra layer of scrutiny for federally permitted projects within the habitat areas.  

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Portland Approves Both Water Measures In Tuesday's Special Election

Tuesday's election saw Portland approve two measures related to the city's drinking water: one to enshrine protections in the city charter, and another to allow spending ratepayer money on “mutual aid agreements."

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Metro Bond Measure Aims To Improve Natural Areas In The Region

If passed, the Metro measure 26-203 would authorize $475 million towards things like purchasing land to restore wildlife habitats and improving and completing community parks and trails.

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Washington's Dams Are Earthquake Ready, Managers Say

If you live at the foot of a dam – or downriver – you may wonder what could happen if an earthquake rumbled nearby. Dam managers say it’s something they’re constantly watching, but major shaking east of the Cascades shouldn’t cause too much damage.