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Aan's Debut Coming on Party Damage

For as long as we can remember— or something close to it— we’ve been awaiting the full-length debut record from Portland’s Aan. On the strength of EPs, singles and most especially their live performances, the anticipation has grown, and we’ve looked forward to the day the band has a proper record to call their own. We’ve even made light of the long wait here, and while it hasn’t grown to, say, My Bloody Valentine, Chinese Democracy, or even that of John Roderick’s (increasingly) Long (in between records) Winters proportions…the fact is it’s been a while.

But these things take time and the waiting is the hardest part (to paraphrase a pair of poets who maybe aren’t so different from one another after all), and well, good things really do come to those who wait. Aan has announced that their debut, long known to be titled Amor Ad Nauseum, will come into the world February 4th via upstart Portland label Party Damage, becoming the fifth release on the label since it’s inception last spring (following Wild Ones, Vin Blanc/White Wine, Your Rival and St. Even).

Looking good so far, 2014! But before we get to the future, here’s your reminder that we featured a dynamic session with Aan not once but twice in 2013. The first came way back in January and the second was a full performance recorded at Mississippi Studios during our Music Fest NW day party in September. Compare and contrast…




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