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Black Prairie Teases 'Fortune'

Once upon a time no more than a fun diversion between Decemberists records, Black Prairie has long since shed that side-project label. The two acts co-exist these days and, if anything, it’s the former that seems like the once-in-a-while project (though word is that work has begun on the follow-up to The King is Dead).

Full steam ahead for Black Prairie in the meantime, who’ve announced their third full-length record for release this April 22nd on Sugar Hill. Fortune is the title, and while we don’t know much about it at this point a thing or two can be gleaned from the short audio/video piece the band unleashed this week, which uses every bit of its 43 seconds to tease and intrigue.

So, what can we glean from this? It appears that the heavy machinery may be moving in, for one— likely more to bolster the many-stringed creature we’ve known as Black Prairie thus far than to make them over wholesale. A bit more muscle where there wasn’t before, perhaps, and not only because of all of that solid-state analog equipment. And speaking of creatures, what of the red-eyed abominable snowman? Is this symbolic of something sinister presiding over the mix? Does it suggest the creep of White Tundra, Black Prairie’s 100% more metal alter-ego, into Fortune?

We don’t know these answers quite yet. But the questions are fun to ponder.

In other BP news, they’ve announced three upcoming PacNW dates with Amos Lee, including February 15th in Eugene (McDonald Theatre), February 16th in Portland (Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall), and February 17th in Seattle (Paramount Theatre); and they also recently found themselves backing up fellow Portlander kd lang at a fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Association as part of a long set that closed with Neil Young’s “Helpless.”

Black Prairie

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