One of our favorite discoveries of last year’s SXSW music festival was a young group from Corpus Christi, TX, called The Blind Owls. We stumbled upon them in the middle of the day on a tiny stage in East Austin, and, despite the daylight and heat, their energy was infectious. Their ‘60s throwback sound is catchy on its own, but this four-piece backs it up with a live show you can’t help but groove along to.

With two albums under their belt, the group has been touring nearly nonstop since we saw them in 2017, and they recently released a new four-song EP, ‘Four.’ opbmusic is proud to premiere the music video for the second track on the new EP, “I’ll Be There,” which follows the group, home video-style, through their relentless touring. It is a light-hearted look at life on the road mixed with scenes from their frenetic live shows. Touring for any artist can be tough — long drives and monotonous days with a 45-minute set to look forward to each night — but The Blind Owls are clearly enjoying their lives as musicians and make it look fun for the rest of us.