Every Monday we highlight three new songs featured on our broadcast channel this week. This time, it’s a previously unreleased song by Portland group Blitzen Trapper, a poetic song from duo Wye Oak, and an timely new single from Vancouver songwriter Dan Mangan.

Blitzen Trapper - “War is Placebo”

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper recently announced that Sub Pop Records will release a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of “Furr,” on September 14th. It’ll include previously unreleased songs from the original 2008 recording, like “War is Placebo.” The methodology behind the release is best described in the words of Eric Earley from a 2017 editorial on his own artistry and creation. Earley writes: “… really the value of a record seems to be increasingly non-monetary … the true craft, the reality of music, of voice, is played out on stages across the country, not in Bluetooth earbuds.” In keeping with this theme, the band will be playing the record start to finish on tour this fall, ending November 17th at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Wye Oak - “It Was Not Natural”

Wye Oak’s latest release, “It was Not Natural,” comes complete with a visually stunning video directed by Dan Huiting. The song boasts atmospheric dream pop and poetic lyrical content, each element layered with Jenn Wasner’s vocal doled out in just the right amount of airy soprano and honeycombed alto. If you have yet to spend time with their latest album, “The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs,” it’s well worth it. The band will be in Portland July 13 at Revolution Hall.

Dan Mangan - “Troubled Mind”

In anticipation of a fifth studio album release, Dan Mangan’s upbeat, danceable “Troubled Mind” explores the “inflation of urgency” in the modern world. Form follows function in this tune: the beat borders on manic, propelling the song forward with a drive that is both fun and fatiguing, while the poignancy of each lyric rings out above it all. Mangan wonders, “Are we a force of nature, or just a sore in the mouth?”