Boreen is the project of Portland-based songwriter Morgan O’Sullivan (with occasional help from friends like Harrison Smith of Turtlenecked). The project is set to release its latest album, “Lovely,” later this month but we’re offering a sneak peak of the record by sharing the title track today.

It’s a beautiful and textured piece of music with bubbly synths that quickly give way to a propulsive bass line and cascades of endearing, almost stream of consciousness vocals. Lyrically, it also marks the strongest and most striking work of O’Sullivan’s young career and showcases a new level of maturity.

According to O’Sullivan, he wrote the song while “working a particularly demoralizing job” at a burger restaurant. “It was a time where I was feeling both overwhelmed and deeply bored by the relentless monotony of day to day life, where even conversations with loved ones exhausted me,” he recalls. “The song is about dealing with those feelings, but managing to find solace in routine at the same time. An unrelenting presence of the same places, events, and people, can be anxiety-inducing, but can just as easily be stabilizing.”

The full-length record, “Lovely,” is out on Oct. 26 via Good Cheer Records, but you can pre-order the album here.

The band is also headlining a benefit show for the Oregon Food Bank at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland on Friday, Oct. 19 along with No Aloha, Mo Troper and Joypress.