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Song Premiere: B*R*A*U*N - 'Washed Away'

B*R*A*U*N, aka Ben Braun, is one half of the Portland synth-pop duo Mackintosh Braun. On Oct. 6, he’ll release his first solo album, “Silent Science.”

“Washed Away” features smooth layered vocals, a bright ‘80s-inspired synth beat, and a sax solo courtesy of Charlie DeChant. (DeChant played sax with Hall and Oates for more than a decade, alongside Ben Braun’s father, drummer Michael Braun.)

Braun told us “Washed Away” was one of the first songs he wrote for the new record:

“It started as just a simple idea I recorded onto my laptop. The song is about realizing change is happening but wanting to hold ground and keep things as they are. It’s a struggle sometimes when you’re used to the way life is, but when that comfortable feeling is yanked from under you, you have to adjust. As I was finishing it up I knew I wanted a lead of some kind to play out the song. I’ve always wanted a sax solo on a something, so I reached out to Charlie DeChant (Hall and Oates) who was happy to lay one down for me.”

BRAUN Mackintosh Braun

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