Songwriter Corrina Repp works like a classical minimalist. Her ideas are expressive and emotional, drawn over a canvas of shifting tones and repetitions, and each iterative phrase adds another carefully chosen layer.

In her new song “Need You/Don’t Need You,” Repp meditates on leaving a former love: “You gave me the door that I’ll always thank you for / I need you / I don’t need you”

The song comes from Corrina Repp’s fifth release, “How a Fantasy Will Kill Us All.”  The recording followed an ill-fated move in 2015 to uproot from Portland and relocate across the country for a new love, which ended shortly afterwards. Repp spent the next two years moving between Washington State, France and eventually Kentucky, where she recorded the new album with Danny Seim, of the band Menomena. She says this period of restless movement gave life to the new record:

“Finding freedom in the search for a love that was never there, the world becomes even more sexy, elusive and expansive.  When there is no home for your heart the jump can be so much more grand!” - Corrina Repp

The album “How a Fantasy Will Kill Us All,” will be released June 22. You can pre-order it via Jealous Butcher Records.

Also see Repp’s performance with experimental Portland band Tu Fawning in this 2010 studio session at OPB.