Jenny Don't and the Spurs

Jenny Don’t and the Spurs

Micheal Picking/Courtesy of the artist

Just in time for the holidays, Portland’s Jenny Don’t and the Spurs have released a couple of new holiday tunes, including “Santa, Please Bring Him Home.” It’s a breezy song with a classic country sound in the style of crooners like Patsy Cline, and a nod to great holiday songs we love:

“The 40’s and 50’s Christmas imagery is great, and so we decided that we’d have a go at trying out that aesthetic. It doesn’t have anything to do with religion for us, as none of us are Christians, but we like the aesthetic of the holiday season. We’re not trying to make a social statement, we’re just trying to put out a fun record.”

Jenny Don’t and the Spurs celebrate the release of “A Western Holiday” with a performance tonight in Portland at The Liquor Store.