Songwriter Jessica Dennison and guitarist Jessica Jones have been playing together for over a decade, but the two friends’ official collaboration is a relatively recent development. Together, the duo released their self-titled debut album as Jessica Dennison + Jones in mid-2017 on Portland imprint Party Damage Records.

For the final music video from that record, “Greek Sculpture,” the duo enlisted the help of artist and filmmaker Daren Wilson. The San Francisco-based Wilson filmed his 3D printer building various statue replicas to a soundtrack of Dennison and Jones’ twinkly folk rock song. The finished product is one of the most satisfying music videos you’ll ever see.

Jessica Dennison + Jones have a couple of upcoming gigs in the Portland area:

May 24
The Fixin’ To with Smiling Strange

May 25
Turn! Turn! Turn! with Dear Nora, Nicholas Krgovich