Elliott Smith’s breakout 1998 release, Either/Or, is being reissued today by Portland-based record label Kill Rock Stars (you can order it here). The new 2-disc 20th anniversary edition of the album features remastered audio by Jackpot! Studios owner Larry Crane, a friend of the late singer who is now the Smith estate’s archivist.

The expanded project also includes an additional batch of live songs and rarities, including this newly unearthed alternate version of “Bottle Up and Explode,” a song that would later appear on Smith’s album XO.

opbmusic is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Either/Or with a special live event in Portland, OR on March 29th.

Here’s the full tracklist for Either/Or - Expanded Edition:

1. “Speed Trials” (remastered)
2. “Alameda” (remastered)
3. “Ballad of Big Nothing” (remastered)
4. “Between the Bars” (remastered)
5. “Pictures of Me” (remastered)
6. “No Name No. 5” (remastered)
7. “Rose Parade” (remastered)
8. “Punch and Judy” (remastered)
9. “Angeles” (remastered)
10. “Cupid’s Trick” (remastered)
11. “2:45 AM” (remastered)
12. “Say Yes” (remastered)
13. “My New Freedom” (Live) (unreleased)
14. Pictures Of Me” (Live) (unreleased)
15. “Angeles” (Live) (unreleased)
16. “Some Song” (Live) (unreleased)
17. “Rose Parade” (Live) (unreleased)
18. “New Monkey” (keys) (unreleased)
19. “I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out” (remixed/remastered)
20. “I Figured You Out” (unreleased)
21. “Bottle Up And Explode” (Alternate Version) (unreleased)